Azurite Spindown

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Azurite Spindown is an active item added in The Reheated Update.


  • Upon use, all trinkets in the room are rerolled by subtracting their internal ID number by 1 until a valid trinket is rerolled. This effect occurs per trinket and is independent of any other trinkets in the room.
    • Unlockable trinkets are skipped if they are not unlocked.
    • Rerolling golden trinkets will have the trinket it is rerolled into also be golden.



  • Car Battery.png Car Battery: All future rerolls turn into the trinket that is 2 less than the previous ID.
  • Swallowed Penny.png Swallowed Penny: Swallowed Penny will disappear upon being rerolled, as its internal ID number is 1.
  • Shattered Cursed Urn.png Shattered Cursed Urn: Turns into Cursed Urn when rerolled, which immediately shatters and turns back into Shattered Cursed Urn unless the trinket was golden — if cycling down through the trinket IDs, this can result in a progress stop, as no other trinkets below Cursed Urn can be rerolled into beyond this point.
  • Tattered Frog Puppet.png Tattered Frog Puppet: Will turn back into Frog Puppet.png Frog Puppet when rerolled. As a result, this can be used as a method to have multiple revives, as long as Azurite Spindown has charge, and Mom's Box.png Mom's Box is still being held.
  • Wackey.png Wackey: Rerolls into Frog Puppet.png Frog Puppet, skipping over Tattered Frog Puppet.png Tattered Frog Puppet.
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