Slippy's Guts

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Slippy's Guts is a passive item added in The Reheated Update.


  • On death, enemies have a chance to spawn a lingering poison fart cloud.
    • This chance scales with Isaac's luck, and is proportional to the enemy's maximum health.
  • Isaac's Bomb.png Bombs will spawn a lingering poison fart cloud when they explode.


  • The % chance for a poison cloud to spawn is based on the formula: (5 + (Luck × 15 ÷ 7) + (MaxHP ÷ 3) + FartAttempts × 2) × 2
    • Luck is equal to the player's luck stat, which can not go above 7 or below 0.
    • MaxHP is equal to the maximum health of the enemy, capped at a maximum of 30.
    • FartAttempts is the amount of enemies killed in a row without creating a fart cloud — if FartAttempts > 10, then the next enemy killed is guaranteed to create a fart cloud.


  • Abyss.png Abyss: Absorbing Slippy's Guts spawns a unique Abyss Locust that otherwise does not have a special effect.


  • The flavor text for Slippy's Guts is a reference to Frog from Nuclear Throne's Ultra Mutation of the same name.
  • The Abyss Locust spawned by absorbing Slippy's Guts with Abyss.png Abyss resembles a Patapon from Patapon — more specifically, a rare version of Patapon named Nyontama.


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