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Musca is a passive item added in The Reheated Update.


  • +3 Bomb.png Bombs.
  • Upon exploding, bombs will spawn 3 random Locusts.
  • Enemies not killed by Locusts or Blue Fly.png Blue Flies have a chance, affected by luck, to spawn one random Locust.


  • The formula for the chance for a killed enemy to spawn a locust is 6 + (Luck × (100 ÷ 3 − 100 ÷ 6) ÷ 20)%.
    • In effect, the chance will start at 6% at 0 luck, increasing by 0.8333…% for every point of luck afterwards, and reaching 100% chance at 113 luck.


  • Dr. Fetus.png Dr. Fetus: Dr. Fetus' bomb explosions will only spawn 1 Locust, and will not spawn more if there are more than 5 Locusts or Blue Flies already alive.


  • This item's flavor text is a reference to "Bugchasing", the practice of intentionally trying to get HIV through sexual activities.
  • If the Andromeda mod is installed, this item can appear in the Zodiac item pool present in that mod.


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