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Beggars and Machines are various interactable objects and NPCs that usually all cost some form of resource such as coins, keys, bombs or hearts to interact with, and may grant some kind of reward in return.

Fiend Folio: Reheated adds over 12 new slots to interact with.

This page is about Beggars and Machines added in Fiend Folio. More information about Beggars in general can be found in its vanilla page here, while information on Machines can be found here.

Hug Beggar

Hug Beggars are unique Beggar.png Beggars that do not ask for any currency, only the player's affection.

When Isaac touches a Hug Beggar, he will be slightly immobilized as the Hug Beggar grabs him close to its left or right side for a hug. If they move away, the beggar will release them and leave, dropping a heart.


  • The hearts dropped by Hug Beggars are random and can influenced by items that affect heart drops, such as Daemon's Tail.png Daemon's Tail.
  • Hug Beggars will smile while Isaac is close to them, and frown if he walks away.
  • Killing a Hug Beggar with an explosion will drop nothing, and only cause Isaac to hang his head in shame.
    • The exceptions to this are FiendCoopIcon.png Fiend and BastardCoopIcon.png The Bastard, who hate Hug Beggars, and instead flip the bird when a Hug Beggar is killed.
  • TMaggyCoopIcon.png Tainted Magdalene will kill Hug Beggars with her lethal hugs, dropping a heart that will flicker and disappear in 2 seconds.

Evil Beggar

Evil Beggars are rare variants of DevilBeggar.png Devil Beggars that take entire RedUI.png Red Heart containers like Devil Deals rather than the Red Heart.png Red Hearts in them. They are most often found in Curse Pool Icon.png Curse Rooms.

When touched, and Isaac has an available RedUI.png Red Heart container or Bone Heart.png Bone Heart, the Evil Beggar will take it from his health bar and have a 40% chance to fly away and spawn an item from the Devil Room Item Pool. This chance increases to 56% with the second donation, and a guaranteed chance to spawn the item after the third.


  • If Isaac does not have any Red Heart containers or Bone Hearts, Evil Beggars will take 2 Soul Heart.png Soul Hearts or Black Heart.png Black Hearts instead.
  • Just like with Devil Deals, if the player is left with no amount of health left after giving away hearts, they will die.
  • Judas' Tongue.png Judas' Tongue, and the innate effect BluebabyCoopIcon.png ??? has that reduces the cost of Devil Deals that ask for Soul Hearts, will have no effect on how much health Evil Beggars take.
  • Unlike DevilBeggar.png Devil Beggars or Devil Deals, donating to Evil Beggars and having them pay out will not affect the chance for Angel Pool Icon.png Angel Rooms to appear.
  • Giving health to Evil Beggars will cause Isaac to gain immunity frames as if they've taken damage, and can activate on-hit item effects.
  • Evil Beggars cannot be killed by explosions — if hit by a bomb explosion, Evil Beggars will flip the bird at the player, before flying away and dropping a Troll Bomb.png Troll Bomb.

Zodiac Beggar

The Zodiac Beggar are variants of Beggar.png Beggars that almost exclusively appears in a Planetarium Pool Icon.png Planetarium, or rarely in some Icon Super Secret Room.png Super Secret Rooms.

If Isaac has any money, interacting with the Zodiac Beggar will make Isaac donate 1 Penny.png Penny, with a chance for the Zodiac Beggar to pay out with one of the following rewards:

After enough money is paid, the Zodiac Beggar will spawn a random item from the Zodiac Beggar Pool Icon.png Zodiac item pool or Planetarium Pool Icon.png Planetarium item pool, before turning into a comet and flying away.


  • If killed with an explosion, Zodiac Beggars will drop 1 Rune Shard.png Rune Shard, and release a large amount of decorative light motes.
  • Zodiac Beggars gain an increasing chance to pay out with an item after the 3rd, 20th, and 50th penny, having a guaranteed chance to pay out after the 100th penny.
  • Using a Tarot Judgement.png XX - Judgement in a Planetarium Pool Icon.png Planetarium or a Icon Super Secret Room.png Super Secret Room with a Planetarium backdrop has a 66% chance to spawn a Zodiac Beggar.

Cell Game

Cell Games are a variant of ShellGame.png Shell Game that requires keys to play. They are most often found in Icon Arcade.png Arcades, usually paired with Colored Locks that have pickups locked away behind them.

After giving the Cell Game's Key Master a key by touching them, they will lift a skull, revealing a Penny.png Penny, Bomb.png Bomb, Red Heart.png Red Heart, Key.png Key, or Colored Puzzle Key to any matching Colored Locks in the room. The beggar will shuffle the skulls around and wait for Isaac to bump into 1 of the 3 shells.

When Isaac bumps into any of the skulls after they are shuffled, the beggar will lift the chosen skull which has a 1/3 chance to drop the reward, spawning 3-4 pickups if it was a Bomb/Key, 5-6 if it was a Penny, only 1 if it was a Colored Puzzle Key. If Isaac fails to get a reward, the skull will spawn a hostile Skuzz.png Skuzz instead.

Rarely, the item under the skulls will be a Skeleton Key.png Skeleton Key. If this item is received, the Cell Game beggar will disappear. This is the only collectible item they can drop.


  • Like with all other Shell Games, the shell chosen is irrelevant; possession of a Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot increases the chances of winning to 2/3, and reducing the chance of spawning a Skuzz.png Skuzz to 1/3.
  • The chance for a pickup to be chosen out of the other possible rewards starts at 60% and decays with each play, down to a minimum of 40% after 7 plays. The chance for the reward to be Skeleton Key.png Skeleton Key stays at a fixed 3%. The remaining 40-60% chance will be a Colored Puzzle Key, based on how many Colored Locks are in the room.
  • Unlike Shell Games, if Skeleton Key has already been acquired, other Shell Game beggars can still possibly give an additional Skeleton Key as a reward.
  • Killing a Cell Game beggar with an explosion will drop a larger amount of random pickups than normal Beggars, with a higher chance of them being Penny.png Coins and Key.png Keys.
  • Pickup payouts are subjected to the same spawning chances as usual, meaning Bombs can become Troll Bomb.png Troll Bombs or Double Bomb.png Double Bombs, Red Hearts can be replaced with Half Red Heart.png Half Red Hearts or Soul Heart.png Soul Hearts, etc.


Blacksmiths are Beggar.png Beggars that specialize in rerolling trinkets. They are most commonly found in Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms or Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms in the MinesIcon.png Mines.

If a Blacksmith is touched while Isaac is holding a trinket, the Blacksmith will take it and store it in his sack. If there are a total of 2 trinkets in the sack, the Blacksmith will hammer away at it to drop 1 new random trinket.

After rerolling trinkets for a total of 3 times, the Blacksmith will pick up their anvil and fly away, leaving behind an item from the Blacksmith Pool Icon.png Blacksmith item pool.


  • If killed with an explosion, they will not drop pickups, instead only spawning 1-2 Rock Spider.png Rock Spiders. If they were given only 1 trinket to put in their sack that hasn't been rerolled yet, that trinket will be dropped and can be re-obtained.

Contraband Beggars

Contraband Beggars refer to a pair of Beggars whose effects have them appear in tandem with each other.

Fake Beggar

Fake Beggars are unassuming Beggar.png Beggars that look indistinguishable from normal Beggars when not interacted with. A Fake Beggar has an 18% chance to replace a Beggar upon spawning, unless Isaac has already interacted with a different Fake Beggar on the floor.

When interacted with, they won't take any coins, instead dropping either Contraband Contraband or SmallContraband.png Small Contraband before disappearing, with the chance they leave either being evenly split — alternatively, killing a Fake Beggar will have it also drop Contraband or Small Contraband instead of random pickups.

After the Fake Beggar drops an item, the Dealer will appear in the starting room on the next floor.


Dealers are shady Beggars in a trench coat that can only appear after interacting with (or killing) a Fake Beggar on the previous floor, after which they will appear in the starting room.

When Contraband Contraband or SmallContraband.png Small Contraband is brought to the Dealer, the Dealer will take it and pay out with items from the Drug Dealer Pool Icon.png Drug Dealer item pool. The Dealer will drop 2-3 items for Contraband or 1 item for Small Contraband, and then disappear afterwards.

If Isaac is not holding the Contraband when interacting with the Dealer, they will facepalm showing their disappointment at the player's failure, and disappear with no reward. Leaving and re-entering the room without interacting with the Dealer will also make them disappear.


  • The conditions for having the Dealer appear are only met upon interacting with a Fake Beggar — simply holding Contraband after obtaining it through other means, such as EdenCoopIcon.png Eden having it as a starting item, will not have the Dealer appear upon going to a new floor.
  • The Dealer cannot be killed by explosions.
  • The Dealer can be affected by Thank-You Fossil.png Thank-You Fossil, and will pay out with a greater number of items. Fake Beggars, however, are not changed and will only drop the Contraband or Small Contraband.

Poker Table

Poker Tables are unique interactable Slot Machine.png Slot Machines manned by a creature known as the "Poker Dealer". They are found primarily within Icon Arcade.png Arcades.

Poker Tables come with 3 buttons that appear directly below them, with an icon for Key.png Keys, Penny.png Coins, and Bomb.png Bombs. Standing on a button will set the amount of that respective pickup that the player wishes to bet, with a limit of 10 for Keys and Bombs, and 20 for Coins. Bumping into the Poker Table after setting the requested bet will subtract the respective amount of Keys, Coins and/or Bombs from Isaac, and the Poker Table's Dealer will automatically set the game in motion.

Once concluded, there is 1:1 odds of whether Isaac wins or the Dealer wins. If the Dealer wins, they will laugh and take their earnings, and Isaac will gain no reward. If Isaac wins, he will gain double the amount of Keys, Coins and Bombs they have gambled in the game in return.

If Isaac wins against the Poker Dealer 3 times, the Dealer will become enraged, slamming the table before disappearing along with their table. Depending on the total amount of Keys, Coins and Bombs Isaac has gambled on the Poker Table in all games (for both wins and losses), the Dealer will drop an additional reward when they disappear:

Killing a Poker Table Dealer with an explosion will drop a single random Penny.png Coin, Key.png Key, or Bomb.png Bomb. This drop is independent from how much has been gambled on the Poker Table prior.

Odds of Winning

  • When Isaac plays a game at the Poker Table, the odds of winning can be influenced by a variety of factors:
    • Leaving and re-entering the room while the Dealer is in the middle of dealing out cards will increase Isaac's odds of losing by 2 — because the Dealer would cheat while Isaac isn't looking.
    • Holding the Ace of Spades Trinket.png Ace of Spades (Trinket) or Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot each add 1 to the odds of Isaac winning.
    • Having Guppy's Eye.png Guppy's Eye or X-Ray Vision.png X-Ray Vision will increase the odds of Isaac winning by 2. However, having both items will not increase the odds further.
Factors None Leaving and re-entering the room while the Dealer is dealing cards
None 1:1
(50% chance of winning)
(25% chance of winning)
Ace of Spades Trinket.png Ace of Spades (trinket) 2:1
(66.67% chance of winning)
(40% chance of winning)
Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot 2:1
(66.67% chance of winning)
(40% chance of winning)
Guppy's Eye.png Guppy's Eye OR X-Ray Vision.png X-Ray Vision 3:1
(75% chance of winning)
(50% chance of winning)
Ace of Spades Trinket.png Ace of Spades AND Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot 3:1
(75% chance of winning)
(50% chance of winning)
Ace of Spades Trinket.png Ace of Spades AND Guppy's Eye.png Guppy's Eye/X-Ray Vision.png X-Ray Vision 4:1
(80% chance of winning)
(57.14% chance of winning)
Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot AND Guppy's Eye.png Guppy's Eye/X-Ray Vision.png X-Ray Vision 4:1
(80% chance of winning)
(57.14% chance of winning)
Ace of Spades Trinket.png Ace of Spades AND Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot AND
Guppy's Eye.png Guppy's Eye/X-Ray Vision.png X-Ray Vision
(83.33% chance of winning)
(62.5% chance of winning)

Grid Restock Machine

Grid Restock Machines are rare machines that reroll obstacles. They can be found in some normal rooms throughout all different chapters, but can also be found in a few Special Rooms, such as Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms or Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms. The rooms that contain them will generally always have obstacles that can be rerolled.

Touching a Grid Restock Machine will consume 1 of Isaac's held Bomb.png Bombs. With each bomb given, there is a chance for the dice inside the machine to start rolling and activate the following effects:

  • Activates the D12.png D12 effect, rerolling all Rock.png Rocks, Metal Block.png Metal Blocks, Poop.png Poops, Spikes.png Spikes, TNT.png TNT and Cobweb.png Cobwebs in the room into other Rocks, Metal Blocks, Poops, Spikes, TNT, and Cobwebs.
  • Refills all Rocks, Poops, Fireplaces, TNT and Cobwebs in the room that have previously been destroyed, spawning new random obstacles in their place.

Grid Restock Machines, like with regular Restock Machines, can break after the fourth guaranteed reroll with a 50% chance for every subsequent reroll that should've been successful. This will cause one of the following to be spawned:

Destroying a Grid Restock Machine with an outside explosion, such as from placing a lit bomb next to it, will break it immediately and cause all obstacles to be rerolled twice in rapid succession. Grid Restock Machines destroyed this way will not drop anything.


  • The chance for a Grid Restock Machine to activate when given a bomb starts at 30%, and increases by 25% for each Bomb that was given before activating a reroll.
  • Similar with the D12.png D12, the Rocks and Poops that are rerolled into can become random variants, such as Fool's Gold Rock.png Fool's Gold Rocks or Rainbow Poop.png Rainbow Poop. Obstacles rerolled can also rarely become Reward Plate.png Reward Plates or even trapdoors that lead to the next floor or into Crawl Spaces.
  • Rooms with Grid Restock Machines will often have pickups or other rewards that are inaccessible behind Rocks or Metal Blocks, requiring the machine to be used to gain access via rerolling the obstacles into destructible objects, such as Poops, Fire Places or TNT.

Robot Fortune Teller

Robot Fortune Tellers are uncommon variants of Fortune Machine.png Fortune Telling Machines. They are found primarily in Icon Arcade.png Arcades, but also can appear in Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms and Icon Super Secret Room.png Super Secret Rooms.

Touching a Robot Fortune Teller will consume 1 Penny.png Penny, which will cause the Robot Fortune Teller to provide the following effects:

When a Robot Fortune Teller is destroyed with an explosion, the machine will drop 1-5 coins, with a chance to spawn a random Tarot Card. If the robot teller was holding up a Tarot Card when it was destroyed, it is guaranteed to drop the shown card.


  • Robot Fortune Tellers will never malfunction when showing a ReversedTarotBack.png Reversed Major Arcana Card, and thus will never activate their effects — this is deliberate design choice, due to how consequential some of the Reversed Tarot Card effects are.
  • Portals spawned by Robot Fortune Tellers disappear upon leaving the room, or when another portal is spawned over it.
  • Portals spawned by Robot Fortune Tellers will still spawn if the room has been visited already, even if Isaac and the machine are already inside said room — if Isaac enters said portal that leads to the room he's already in, it will cause him to jump right back out of it, which appears very amusing.

Vending Machine

Vending Machines are machines that can be found almost anywhere, but are most commonly found in various Special Rooms, such as in Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms and Icon Arcade.png Arcades. They display an active item within them, and take a varying number of coins to use (between 0-99), in which they will activate the effect of the item shown. Vending Machines have a chance to explode upon usage, and don't drop anything when destroyed.


  • The item inside the Vending Machine, as well as the amount of coins required to use them, are determined by the room layout.
  • Some Vending Machines are set to only be able to be used once before exploding immediately. These are indicated by having a rusty red color.

Golden Slot Machine

Golden Slot Machines are a variant of Slot Machine.png Slot Machines, and are the rarest of all machines. When unlocked, Golden Slot Machines have a 1/77 (1.299%) chance of replacing Slot Machines.

Giving a Golden Slot Machine a Penny.png Penny will spin the slots. The Machine will then cause the following effects based on what symbols are matched, and if there are any enemies in the room or not:

  • Sword:
    • Grants Isaac a 1.25× Damage multiplier that decays over the course of approximately 40 seconds.
    • In rooms with enemies, also deals 5× Isaac's Damage to all enemies. Damage dealt will be no lower than 50% of an enemy's maximum HP, or below 10.
  • Clover:
    • In cleared rooms, spawns a Lucky Penny.png Lucky Penny.
    • In rooms with enemies, instead zaps up to 3 enemies in the room at random, transforming them into Pennies, with one guaranteed to be a Lucky Penny.
  • Red Key:
    • In cleared rooms, creates a Red Room like the Red Key.png Red Key on all valid walls. If it cannot create any new Red Rooms, instead spawns 2 Cracked Key.png Cracked Keys.
    • In rooms with enemies, instead zaps up to 3 enemies in the room at random, transforming them into Cracked Keys.
  • Fiend:
    • In cleared rooms, drops an ImmoralHeart.png Immoral Heart and a HalfImmoralHeart.png Half Immoral Heart.
    • In rooms with enemies, instead spawns up to 8 FiendishFriends.png Immoral Minions, with 2 of them guaranteed to turn into Immoral Hearts when the room is clear, while the rest disappear.
  • "XD" Emoticon:
    • Spawns a Golden Troll Bomb.png Golden Troll Bomb.
    • In rooms with enemies, the Machine will also shoot 3 golden Brimstone.png Brimstone beams in random directions, with a visual tracer before they fire. These lasers will hurt both enemies and Isaac.
  • Corn:
    • In cleared rooms, forces Isaac to consume 2-4 random PillVanilla.png pills in rapid succession. This will disable controls until all Pills are taken.
    • In rooms with enemies, forces Isaac to consume 3-6 random pills instead. All enemies in the room will become petrified for the entire duration.
  • Seven:
    • In cleared rooms, spawns two of any kind of Brown Chest.png Chest at random, even some Chest variants that do not normally spawn naturally, such as Old Chest.png Old Chests.
    • In rooms with enemies, instead zaps up to 2 enemies in the room at random, transforming them into a random Chest.

After completing any of these effects, the Golden Slot Machine has a chance of teleporting away, reappearing in another random room on the floor. After each time the Golden Slot Machine teleports away, there is an increasing chance for it to be blown up when it is found again, having a chance of dropping a Lucky Penny.png Lucky Penny, ImmoralHeart.png Immoral Heart, Cracked Key.png Cracked Key, Golden Troll Bomb.png Golden Troll Bomb or random Brown Chest.png Chest, as well as leaving behind one of these Collectibles:


  • Unlike regular Slot Machine.png Slot Machines, Golden Slot Machines are guaranteed to create a payout for every Penny inserted.
  • The chance for a Golden Slot Machine to teleport away increases after each payout in a single room, with it being guaranteed after the third payout.
  • The chance for a Golden Slot Machine to be destroyed after teleporting increases each time, with it being guaranteed after the 7th time it teleports.
  • Golden Slot Machines can teleport to any room on the floor, even to Ultra Secret Rooms, which can result in it being inaccessible.
    • However, as one of Golden Slot Machine's payouts is the ability to create Red Rooms or drop Cracked Key.png Cracked Keys, it is possible to access the Ultra Secret Room after the Machine teleports there, with the correct Red Room placement.
  • Golden Slot Machines will not transform bosses or mini-bosses into pickups with its effects, and will be skipped over entirely if there is no other valid enemies.
  • Golden Slot Machines cannot be destroyed by explosions.

Video Showcase

Unlock Conditions

Unlockable Achievements


  • Hug Beggars was originally a standalone mod on the Steam workshop.
  • Evil Beggars have a similar appearance to the final boss, The Beast.png The Beast.
  • Zodiac Beggars being able to drop Cancer Trinket.png Cancer may be a riff on how it shares the same name as the Zodiac sign, Cancer.png Cancer.
  • If Isaac leaves and re-enters the room after losing against the dealer at a Poker Table, they will begin smoking a cigarette. They will also try to get one last smoke in if Isaac places a lit bomb next to them.
  • The Contraband Dealer is named "Solomon" in the MOD's files.
  • Golden Slot Machine's sounds are taken from the Full Tilt! Pinball game, Space Cadet.
  • Vending Machines were added in The Spitshine Update.