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Cherry Bomb is an active item added in The Reheated Update.


  • On use, Isaac picks up a small throwable red bomb which detonates after 1.66 seconds. The bomb can be thrown in a given direction with the attack buttons.
    • The bomb explosion deals (Isaac's Damage × 2) + 10 + 5 × Stage damage to enemies, with Stage being the stage ID of the current level.
    • The explosion will not hurt Isaac and cannot damage the environment (break Rock.png Rocks, blow open closed doors and Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Room walls, open Bomb Chest.png Bomb Chests, et cetera).


  • Bombs can be "cooked" in Isaac's hands and subsequently explode while held. As the explosions deal no damage to Isaac, there is no consequence for this.
  • Cherry Bombs will not collide with Isaac's tears, unlike regular Bomb.png Bombs.
  • Using the item again while Isaac is holding a Cherry Bomb will cause the bomb to be dropped on the floor directly where he is standing.
    • If the item is already fully charged when this happens, it will put another Cherry Bomb in Isaac's hands while dropping the previously held bomb.


  • Book of Virtues.png Book of Virtues: Creates a small red bomb wisp, which explodes after 1.66 seconds. The explosion does not hurt Isaac or destroy obstacles, and deals 15 damage to enemies.
  • Car Battery.png Car Battery: An extra bomb will drop on the ground where Isaac is standing.
  • Eternal Car Battery Eternal Car Battery: Creates additional extra bombs on the ground, which will all be stacked on top of each other in the same location.
  • Remote Detonator.png Remote Detonator: The thrown bomb will no longer explode without usage of Remote Detonator. As Cherry Bomb is able to recharge over time, it's possible to stack as many cherry bombs as the player desires and detonate them all at once.
  • Mr. Mega.png Mr. Mega: Increases Cherry Bomb's explosion radius to a normal-sized bomb explosion, and increases the final damage of the explosion by 5 × Stage.
  • Bob's Curse.png Bob's Curse: Cherry Bomb explosions can inflict enemies within the radius with poison, and will also create a tiny lingering poison cloud that deals 2 × Stage + Isaac's Damage ÷ 2 damage roughly every quarter-second to enemies inside it.
  • Hot Bombs.png Hot Bombs: Cherry Bombs will leave behind a flame when they explode that deals Isaac's Damage + Stage per tick to enemies that make contact. The flame disappears after 3.33 seconds.
  • Sad Bombs.png Sad Bombs: Cherry Bomb explosions create a small splash of 5 arced tears. The tears will deal Isaac's damage to enemies.
  • Butt Bombs.png Butt Bombs: Cherry Bombs create a Butter Bean.png Butter Bean fart when they explode, confusing enemies hit by the explosion for a few seconds.
    • The farts will cause incredibly minimal knock-back to enemies and will not deflect enemy projectiles, but will cause more considerable knock-back to Isaac.
  • Bobby-Bomb.png Bobby-Bomb: Thrown Cherry Bombs will home in towards enemies.
  • Sticky Bombs.png Sticky Bombs: Thrown Cherry Bombs will stick to enemies that make contact, and leave a small pool of white creep that slows down enemies.
  • Glitter Bombs.png Glitter Bombs: Cherry Bomb explosions will shoot either 4 coin projectiles that deal 1.5× Isaac's damage in the cardinal directions, or Sharp Key.png Sharp Key projectiles in the ordinal directions that deal 1.0× Isaac's damage.
    • The key projectiles behave similarly to Sharp Key, having the same chance to drop consumables from killing enemies.
  • Scatter Bombs.png Scatter Bombs: Cherry Bombs that explode will split into a tiny Cherry Bomb that creates an even tinier explosion. The damage of the tiny Cherry Bombs is the same as those of regular Cherry Bombs.
  • Bomber Boy.png Bomber Boy: Exploding Cherry Bombs will create an additional 4 explosions in the cardinal directions that deal Isaac's Damage + 5 × Stage damage, less than that of the main explosion.
  • Fast Bombs.png Fast Bombs: Decreases the recharge time of Cherry Bomb to 1.33 seconds, effectively similar to 9 Volt.png 9 Volt.
    • Fast Bombs.png Fast Bombs + 9 Volt.png 9 Volt: Combining both will reduce the charge time even further, resulting in only a 0.67 second recharge time.
  • Blood Bombs.png Blood Bombs: Cherry Bomb explosions create a small puddle of red creep that deals 50% of Isaac's damage per tick. The creep puddle disappears after 3 seconds.
  • Rocket in a Jar.png Rocket in a Jar: The thrown Cherry Bomb will move at a fixed velocity in the direction it was thrown in, and explode upon making contact with an obstacle or enemy.
  • Nancy Bombs.png Nancy Bombs: Cherry Bomb explosions will gain random effects of other bomb upgrade items similar to those listed here, excluding Fast Bombs.png Fast Bombs, Bridge Bombs Bridge Bombs, Musca Musca, and Slippy's Guts Slippy's Guts.
  • Bridge Bombs Bridge Bombs: Cherry Bombs will create a 1-tile rock bridge if it is directly near and into the center of a pit when they explode.
  • Nugget Bombs Nugget Bombs: Cherry Bomb explosions will spawn a Blue Fly.png Blue Fly when they explode in uncleared rooms. Cherry Bombs will only spawn Blue Flies if there are less than 10 in the room.
  • Musca Musca: Cherry Bombs will spawn a random locust when they explode in uncleared rooms. Cherry Bombs will only spawn locusts if there are less than 10 in the room.
  • Slippy's Guts Slippy's Guts: Cherry Bomb explosions create tiny poisonous fart clouds that deal 5 damage per tick and poison enemies.
  • Bomb Sack Fossil Bomb Sack Fossil: Cherry Bombs will create a ring of rock waves when they explode, allowing Cherry Bomb to destroy rocks and deal a lot more damage.
  • JudasCoopIcon.png Judas + Birthright.png Birthright: Cherry Bomb will create a tiny Purgatory.png Purgatory soul explosion that deals Judas's Damage + 5 × Stage damage per tick up to 4 times to enemies.


  • A "cherry bomb" is an explosive firework, roughly resembling a cherry in size and shape.


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