Lawn Darts

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Lawn Darts is a passive item added in The Reheated Update.


  • Tears have a 25% chance to become lawn darts that inflict enemies with hemorrhaging.
    • Hemorrhaging enemies periodically take damage, spew blood tears randomly around themselves and leave blood creep on the ground that damages enemies.


  • The chance to fire a lawn dart tear is affected by the luck stat, represented by the formula (2 + Luck × 0.4) ÷ 8%
    • In effect, the chance to fire a lawn dart tear reaches 100% at 15 luck.
    • Having multiple copies of Lawn Darts increases the chance to shoot a tear by 25% for each additional copy.
  • Damage over time from Hemorrhaging deals 50% of Isaac's damage, and lasts for 6 seconds.


  • Second Hand.png Second Hand: Increases the duration of the hemorrhaging to 12 seconds, and adds an additional 6 seconds to the duration for every Mom's Box.png Trinket Multiplier.


  • Lawn darts, specifically the metal-tipped kind, are infamous lawn game toys that have become banned in the United States and Canada due to them having a history of causing many injuries and deaths.


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