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Shredder is an active item added in The Monthiversary Update.



  • If Shredder is used while Isaac is holding an item above his head, it will consume it, allowing to immediately recycle items bought from Shop Pool Icon.png Shops, Devil Pool Icon.png Devil Rooms or Black Markets into pickups.
    • This also can be used to see what an unknown item is before deciding to consume it, such as with Curse of the Blind, or with the mystery choice items in the Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms in the Alternate Path.
  • "Options" pedestals, such as those created by There's Options.png There's Options and More Options.png More Options will only convert one of the items in the room into pickups, the rest of the items will disappear.
  • Shredder can not be used to destroy Dad's Note.png Dad's Note.



  • Shredder was originally from a standalone mod, Recycler made by Fiend Folio developer Guwahavel, where it went under the name 'Recycler' and had a different design.
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