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Clear Case is an passive item added in The Reheated Update.


  • Puts a copy of Clear Case in Isaac's pocket slot. While Clear Case is in this slot, the next active item that Isaac picks up will replace Clear Case in the pocket slot.
    • The player can swap between the active item and consumables in the pocket slot by tapping CTRL (same button used to drop consumables/trinkets) and can activate the pocket item by pressing Q (same button used to activate consumables).
    • While in the pocket slot, Clear Case does nothing when trying to "use" it like an active item, as it only acts as a placeholder.
    • Once Clear Case is replaced with another active item in the pocket slot, the item cannot be dropped or swapped for another.


  • Unlike Schoolbag.png Schoolbag, removing Clear Case (either the passive form or its copy placed in the pocket slot) will not remove the pocket active item slot from Isaac.
  • If there is already an active item in the pocket slot, picking up Clear Case will destroy the item and spawn a copy on a pedestal. This item can be picked up again and put back into the Clear Case slot. If a different active item is picked up, however, it will be put in the Clear Case slot and prevent the original item from being put back into its pocket slot. This can result in consequences for the following characters, who start with items in their pocket slot:
    • TMaggyCoopIcon.png Tainted Magdalene: While she doesn't need it for her to function, her Yum Heart.png Yum Heart acts as an emergency source of healing for her to rely on, so the player must be wary when giving it up for another active item.
    • TCainCoopIcon.png Tainted Cain: As Tainted Cain is unable to pick up items encountered naturally, and attempting to pick up Bag of Crafting.png Bag of Crafting again after dropping it will result in it being destroyed and turned into pickups, he is unable to obtain items for the rest of the run — not recommended.
    • TEveCoopIcon.png Tainted Eve: Without Sumptorium.png Sumptorium, Tainted Eve will still generate clots from holding the attack buttons. As she needs Sumptorium to absorb her clots, this could be highly detrimental to her ability to use clots and keep them alive, and for her to manage her health.
    • TJudasCoopIcon.png Tainted Judas: As Tainted Judas has no extra abilities outside of those granted by using Dark Arts.png Dark Arts, it may be dropped without impacting the run too negatively compared to some of the other characters. However, considering its ability to grant him a temporary damage up among its other utilities, not all active items may be worth replacing it.
    • TBluebabyCoopIcon.png Tainted ???: Without Hold.png Hold, Tainted ??? will no longer be able to store an extra poop spell.
    • TLazCoopIcon.png Tainted Lazarus: Tainted Lazarus will still change forms from clearing rooms if he doesn't have Flip.png Flip, ultimately making it much harder to control the state he is in. He also will no longer be able to obtain ghost forms of items encountered.
    • TApollyCoopIcon.png Tainted Apollyon: Locusts created by Abyss.png Abyss will stay when it is dropped. However, the player should be wary that the locusts can help supplement Tainted Apollyon's low tear rate.
    • TBethanyCoopIcon.png Tainted Bethany: Lemegeton.png Lemegeton wisps that have already been created will stay when it is dropped. Her Blood Charges can also be used to charge any active item she has in her pocket slot.
    • TJacobCoopIcon.png Tainted Jacob: Anima Sola.png Anima Sola is used in order to keep Dark Esau in place and redirect him when he charges, meaning without Anima Sola, Tainted Jacob will have a lot less control over Dark Esau.
    • BastardCoopIcon.png The Bastard: Removing Malice Malice prevents Tainted Fiend from changing between forms, thus making his current form permanent. This is most detrimental if he is split into his minions, as he cannot regenerate any that have died without the use of Malice.
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