GMO Corn

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GMO Corn is a passive item added in the initial release of Fiend Folio.


  • +1 damage.
  • Grants 1 filled RedUI.png Red Heart container.
  • Upon pickup, Isaac freezes in place and is forced to use 7 random pills in quick succession.
    • These pills can be any random pill effect from the entire game, and may not be in the rotation of the current run.


  • GMO Corn's effect will identify some pills in the current run's pill rotation, but they may be random and sometimes not match with the pill effects from GMO Corn.


  • PHD.png PHD / Virgo.png Virgo / Lucky Foot.png Lucky Foot: Any "bad" pill effects that would have been activated by GMO Corn are converted into their "good" counterparts.
  • Little Baggy.png Little Baggy: The number of consumed pills increases from 7 to 10.
  • False PHD.png False PHD: No effect.


  • GMO Corn originates from The Devil's Harvest MOD.
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