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Snow Globe is an active item added in The Reheated Update.


  • On use, causes every valid obstacle in the room to be launched upwards, moving a short distance in a random direction. Obstacles will turn back to normal upon landing in a clear space.
  • Whilst being launched, these obstacles act as projectiles that deal 35 damage to enemies they come in contact with.
  • Launched rocks will break if they land on the same space as another rock, on an enemy, or outside the room's boundaries.
    • This includes obstacles that are normally unbreakable by most means, such as Metal Block.png Metal Blocks.
    • If an obstacle lands on Spikes.png Spikes, the spikes will be overridden instead.



  • Broken Modem.png Broken Modem: Can cause some of the flying obstacles to glitch out and disappear.
  • Book of Virtues.png Book of Virtues: Obstacles have a chance to create 1-3 rock wisps which orbit around the obstacle, and fire in the direction the player is shooting.
  • Abyss.png Abyss: Absorbing Snow Globe spawns a white Abyss Locust with a snowy appearance. Has no special effect and currently acts as a default Abyss locust.
  • JudasCoopIcon.png Judas + Birthright.png Birthright: On use, a rapidly decaying damage up is granted based on the amount of obstacles moved. Maxes out at 5 grid entities for +5 damage.

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  • Snow Globe is a reference to the Bum-bo Shake spell from The Legend of Bum-bo.
  • During development, Snow Globe was originally called the "D122" as a placeholder.


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