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Store Whistle is an active item added in the initial release of Fiend Folio.


  • Upon use, spawns a locked Shop Chest.png Shop Chest next to Isaac.
    • Shop Chests will create random items for sale when opened, with any collectibles being from the same item pool as the room they are in.


  • Chaos.png Chaos: Collectibles in the portable shop's stock will be drawn from every pool.
  • Car Battery.png Car Battery: Store Whistle will summon two portable shops with their own stock.
  • Steam Sale.png Steam Sale: Items in the portable shop's stock will have their price cut by half.
  • Coupon.png Coupon / Mr. ME!.png Mr. ME! / Credit Card.png Credit Card: Items from the portable shop's stock can be taken for free as usual.
  • Diplopia.png Diplopia / Crooked Penny.png Crooked Penny: Items in the stock will be copied as usual.
    • The portable shop itself will be also duplicated, due to it being considered a pickup.
  • Restock.png Restock: Items will refresh only if the portable shop is spawned inside of a Shop Pool Icon.png Shop.
  • Store Credit.png Store Credit: Store Credit's effect will only be active while inside of a Shop Pool Icon.png Shop.


  • Store Whistle is an item that was originally a part of the Happy Items Pack mod.
  • The whistle sound effect made upon using the item is most commonly the same sound effect used by either Dingle.png Dingle or Dangle.png Dangle, but rarely, it can be replaced with BusterIcon.png Buster's whistle.
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