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Cool Sunglasses is a passive item added in the initial release of Fiend Folio.


  • +6 coins.
  • Each time Isaac enters an uncleared room, three coins will be removed from his inventory and dropped on the ground as Penny.png Pennies in random accessible locations.
    • If Isaac has less than 3 coins, then only that amount of pennies he has left will be dropped. Otherwise, if he has zero coins, nothing will be dropped.
  • Isaac will get a speed up based upon how close he is to a coin on the ground, reaching up to +0.50 speed when he is standing right next to one.
  • Picking up coins on the ground will deal damage to all enemies in the room, with damage dealt being based on Isaac's damage stat and the value of the coin.


  • Sometimes, touching a Sack Pickup.png Grab Bag or opening a Brown Chest.png Chest will activate the room damage effect if the Chest or Grab Bag drops coins, even before Isaac is able to collect them. This is likely just a minor bug.
  • Getting multiple copies of Cool Sunglasses will add 6 coins each time it is picked up, but provides no additional benefits.


  • Humbleing Bundle.png Humbleing Bundle: Coins dropped by Cool Sunglasses will become Double Pennies, but this will also cause Isaac to lose 6 coins from his inventory.
  • Fool's Gold Fool's Gold: Coins spawned by Cool Sunglasses can be replaced with Cursed Penny FF.png Cursed Pennies.
    • Evil Sticker.png Evil Sticker: Unlike Fool's Gold, Evil Sticker cannot replace the coins spawned by Cool Sunglasses.
  • Sack Head.png Sack Head: Coins spawned by Cool Sunglasses can be replaced with Grab Bags.
  • Counterfeit Penny.png Counterfeit Penny: Collecting coins dropped by Cool Sunglasses can add additional coins to Isaac's inventory, but it will deal no additional damage to enemies.
  • Flat Penny.png Flat Penny / Burnt Penny.png Burnt Penny / Bloody Penny.png Bloody Penny / Rotten Penny.png Rotten Penny / Blessed Penny.png Blessed Penny / Butt Penny.png Butt Penny / Fuzzy Penny.png Fuzzy Penny / Sharp Penny.png Sharp Penny: Collecting coins dropped by Cool Sunglasses can trigger these Trinkets.
  • Libra.png Libra: Standing next to coins will slightly increase all stats.
  • Bum Friend.png Bum Friend / Bumbo.png Bumbo: Can collect coins dropped from Cool Sunglasses, but won't trigger the damaging effect.
  • KeeperCoopIcon.png Keeper / TKeeperCoopIcon.png Tainted Keeper: Can be exceptionally powerful with these characters as Cool Sunglasses can drop coins in their inventory that can be used to heal empty Coin Hearts during combat — with Tainted Keeper benefiting even more so due to coins dropping from killed enemies, which will activate the room damage effect of Cool Sunglasses very often.
  • Black Lantern.png Black Lantern - Curse of the Swine will cause the coins spawned by Cool Sunglasses to disappear in 2 seconds.


  • Cool Sunglasses are most likely a reference and successor to the item "Cool Shades" from The Devil's Harvest MOD.
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