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Trinkets are a kind of collectible with their designated slot that provide passive bonuses. Typically, only one trinket can be carried at a time and must be dropped if the player wishes to carry another.

Fiend Folio adds 258 trinkets to the game, including a new category of trinkets known as "rock trinkets" that are mostly exclusive to one character, GolemCoopIcon.png Golem.

Disambig.png This page is about Trinkets added in Fiend Folio. More information about Trinkets in general can be found in the vanilla page.

For information regarding regular collectibles, see Items.


Name Icon Flavor Text Effect
Shard of China
Shard of China.png
Put yourself back together
  • Overhealing with Red Heart.png Red Hearts charges a special health bar.
  • Filling this Health bar accumulates a damage boost, up to +1.5 damage for each Heart filled.
  • Smelter.png Smelts itself once the bar is completely filled.
Bifurcated Stars
Bifurcated Stars.png
Rush the boss, reap rewards
  • Reveals the Boss Pool Icon.png Boss Room on the map.
  • The Boss Room exit door is replaced with a door to the Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Room after the room is cleared.
Fortune Worm
Fortune Worm.png
Blah Blah!
  • +0.2 shot speed.
  • +2 luck.
  • Luck-affected chance to fire fortune cookies that deal 1.05× damage and will display a random fortune on screen when hitting an enemy.
Fool's Gold
Fool's Gold.png
Chance for more money?
Extra Vessel
Extra Vessel.png
HP up
Chili Powder
Chili Powder.png
The ol' spicy keychain!
  • Key.png Key pickups are turned into Spicy Key.png Spicy Keys.
  • Spicy Keys grant an extra key upon being picked up, but deals damage to the player.
GMO Penny
GMO Penny.png
Wealth of preservatives
  • Chance to take a random pill when picking up a coin.
  • Scales with luck.
Molten Penny
Molten Penny.png
Wealth of labor
  • 2% chance to activate the Smelter.png Smelter effect when picking up a Penny.png Penny.
  • Scales with luck.
Bloody Sandpaper
Bloody Sandpaper.png
  • Isaac no longer has movement momentum.
The Right Hand
The Right Hand.png
The right-hand path reaps light rewards
Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon.png
Twice as eternal!
Flea of Meltdown
Flea of Meltdown.png
I bring Meltdown
  • Creates an Meltdown Flea.png Orange Flea when entering a new uncleared room.
  • Orange Fleas will burn enemies on hit.
Flea of Deluge
Flea of Deluge.png
I bring Deluge
  • Creates a Deluge Flea.png Cyan Flea when entering a new uncleared room.
  • Cyan Fleas will create a ring of 8 tears that deal Isaac's damage on hit.
Flea of Pollution
Flea of Pollution.png
I bring Pollution
  • Creates a Pollution Flea.png Purple Flea when entering a new uncleared room.
  • Purple Fleas will leave behind a slowing black creep puddle on hit.
Flea of Propaganda
Flea of Propaganda.png
I bring Propaganda
  • Creates a Propaganda Flea.png Beige Flea when entering a new uncleared room.
  • Beige Fleas will charm enemies on hit.
Fuzzy Penny
Fuzzy Penny.png
Wealth of fuzz
Fortune Grub
Fortune Grub.png
The slot machines whisper
Chunk of Tar
Chunk of Tar.png
Sludge friends
Yin-Yang Orb
Yin-Yang Orb.png
Homing amulet
Swallowed M90
Swallowed M90.png
  • When Isaac takes damage, pulls out an M90, causing the next shot to be a fast, piercing bullet that does 3.5× Isaac's damage with self-knockback.
Trinity Worm
Trinity Worm.png
Vwoo vwoo vwoo!
  • +0.4 tears.
  • +12.5 range.
  • Isaac's tears become spectral and travel in the shape of a triquetra, or 'Holy Trinity'.
Jigsaw Puzzle Box
Jigsaw Puzzle Box.png
There's always a piece missing...
  • Only once, drops a Puzzle Piece.png Puzzle Piece on floor start.
  • Raises the chance for Puzzle Pieces to drop.
  • Once a Puzzle Fortune is completed, this trinket destroys itself.
I'll give it back soon
  • Increases the chance of trinkets dropping after clearing a room.
  • If held at the end of the run, spawns a random trinket at the start of the next run.
Autopsy Kit
Autopsy Kit.png
Organ harvesting
Spire Growth
Spire Growth.png
Power in the cards
  • Using a TarotBack.png Card with a number will grant a fading damage up that scales with the number.
Flea Circus
Flea Circus.png
  • Chance to spawn a random Flea when an enemy is killed.
I can do anything!
  • Grants a rotating list of random, wacky effects for each room, which can be either helpful, harmful, or neither.
Specil deals
  • Randomizes Shop Pool Icon.png Shop prices.
  • Some Shop items will have constantly shifting prices.
Solemn Vow
Solemn Vow.png
Do no harm
  • Allows the player to see enemy health.
Massive Amethyst
Massive Amethyst.png
Crystallised keepers
Lost Flower Crown
Lost Flower Crown.png
Forgotten memories
  • Once a floor, activates the Eraser.png Eraser effect on a random enemy, removing that enemy from the run.
Sharp Penny
Sharp Penny.png
Wealth of pain
Angry Faic
Angry Faic.png
Heartier bosses
Eternal Car Battery
Eternal Car Battery.png
  • Active items are triggered 4-6 times, but have a 1/2 chance to disappear on use.
Pocket Dice
Pocket Dice.png
Lucky! New rolls each floor
Locked Shackle
Locked Shackle.png
All stats up, missing its key
  • All stats up.
  • Can't be dropped.
  • Picking up Key.png Keys has a 25% chance to destroy the trinket and use a Key.
Petrified Gel
Petrified Gel.png
It tastes lucky?
  • Poop.png Poops have a chance to be converted into Shampoo.png Shampoo.
  • Shampoo will no longer spawn Drop.png Drops and will drop better rewards.
Double tap distilled malice
  • Shooting familiar that moves with the player and can be fired as a piercing projectile by double tapping.
  • Takes a few seconds to reform after hitting an obstacle.
  • Will stand still if the drop button is held.
Frog Puppet
Frog Puppet.png
Greener on the other side
Wackier key drops
  • Key.png Key drops have an equal chance to become any of the Key types.
Hurts on the inside
Grabber's Enemy
Grabber's Enemy.png
Caught you!
  • Flying Grabber Grabber hand familiars spawn that drag Isaac, pickups, and enemies around.
The Middle Hand
The Middle Hand.png
The middle-hand path reaps dire rewards
Rainbow Bean
Rainbow Bean.png
Intimate farts
  • When standing near enemies, the player has a chance of expelling a random Bean fart.
Faulty Fuse
Faulty Fuse.png
Tastes like burnt copper
Cursed Urn
Cursed Urn.png
Fragile revival
  • Strong tears up.
  • If Isaac is about to take fatal damage:
    • Turn into ChinaCoopIcon.png China.
    • Health bar is converted into China's health bar.
  • Shatters if dropped, turning into Shattered Cursed Urn Shattered Cursed Urn and losing its ability to revive.
Conjoined Card
Conjoined Card.png
Miniature emperor
Energy Searcher
Energy Searcher.png
Draw energy
  • Increased chance for EnergyBack.png Energy Cards to drop on clearing a room.
  • Energy Cards have a 33% chance of spawning another one when used.
Broken Record
Broken Record.png
Stuck on repeat
  • Chance for newly-spawned passive collectibles to be replaced with one Isaac already has.
    • Will not provide Isaac with completely useless duplicates.
Fuzzy Pickle
Fuzzy Pickle.png
Reference up!
  • Grants +0.1 damage for each reference item / trinket Isaac has.
  • Active items grant +0.5 damage instead.
  • Loose references only grant half of the corresponding damage.
Make it float!
Nesting Doll
Nesting Doll.png
Surprises inside
  • When blowing up a Beggar.png Beggar, has an 80% chance to spawn a different random Beggar in its place
Egg Penny
Egg Penny.png
Wealth of progeny
Save it for later
  • Overhealed Health gained from Red Heart.png Heart pickups will be left on the ground for later use.
Dud's Flower
Dud's Flower.png
Dud bombs
Bomb Token
Bomb Token.png
Explosives up
  • Increases the damage dealt by placed Bomb.png Bombs by 100.
  • Grants a 1.5× damage multiplier to Dr. Fetus.png Dr. Fetus Bombs (instead of the flat damage up).
Top Rock
Top Rock.png
All stats up! It's all downhill from here.
  • All stats up.
  • Prevents stats from being increased while held.


Rocks are special kinds of trinkets added in The Reheated Update that replace regular trinkets when playing as GolemCoopIcon.png Golem. Rock trinkets are unable to appear for other characters outside of use of certain items, such as Golem's Rock Golem's Rock and SoulOfGolem.png Soul of Golem.

Rock trinkets are separated into three types:

  • Fossils have special effects when crushed by the BismuthGolem.png Bismuth Golem.
  • Geodes have increased power and/or additional effects if the player is holding another geode.
  • Normal Rocks are rock trinkets that do not fall in the former two criteria.

Each rock trinket can also come in one of six possible "rarities" — Common, Rare, Fiendish, Self Insert, Extremely Rare, and Unobtainable. The rarity of a rock trinket dictates how likely they are to appear.

There are a total of 185 rocks that Golem can collect, separated into 122 normal rocks, 33 Fossils, and 30 Geodes.

Name Icon Rarity Flavor Text Effect
Dirt Clump
Dirt Clump.png
Extremely Rare Free to grind
Rolling Rock
Rolling Rock.png
Extremely Rare Speed up, keep the momentum
  • Grants +0.05 speed upon clearing a room without taking damage, capping at a bonus of +0.15.
  • Bonus resets after taking damage.
Pocket Sand
Pocket Sand.png
Unobtainable It does nothing
  • Does nothing indeed!
  • Does not drop naturally, only obtained through certain other rocks' effects.
Rough Rock
Rough Rock.png
Common Grind it!
  • Guaranteed to grind into a rock trinket with a rarity of Rare or higher.
Bloody Rock
Bloody Rock.png
Common Hurting shots
  • Every 4th tear fired becomes a double damage blood tear.
Spiked Rock
Spiked Rock.png
Common One prick, spikes don't hurt
  • Damages Golem for half a Heart of health on first pickup; this damage is non-fatal.
  • Blocks damage from Spikes.png Spikes and Spiked Chest.png Spiked Chests.
Slippy Rock
Slippy Rock.png
Common Speed up, friction down
  • +0.15 speed.
  • Reduces Golem's friction while moving.
Arcane Rock
Arcane Rock.png
Common Homing chance, homing DMG up
  • Tears have a chance to become homing, which scales with luck.
  • Homing tears deal 2 more damage.
Mineral Rock
Mineral Rock.png
Common Rub rock -> all stats up
  • All stats up while actively pressing against Rock.png Rocks.
Thorny Rock
Thorny Rock.png
Common On-hit shockwave
  • Spawn a radial shockwave when damaged.
Time-lost Diamond
Time-lost Diamond.png
Fiendish Rewind when hit
Obsidian Grindstone
Obsidian Grindstone.png
Fiendish Power up, rock grinder
  • Damage up and tears up, boosted if holding another rock trinket.
  • Every 30 tears, reroll the other held trinket.
  • Extra effects do not apply to Pocket Sand Pocket Sand.
God's Marble
God's Marble.png
Fiendish Hallowed ground
  • Chance to shoot yellow tears which create a temporary holy aura where they land, which scales with luck.
  • When an enemy enters the aura, it will create a circle of several Crack the Sky.png Crack the Sky beams of light.
Twenty-Sided Emerald
Twenty-Sided Emerald.png
Fiendish Proximity-based reroll
  • Standing still near a pickup rerolls it after 3 seconds.
    • Any individual pickup can only be rerolled up to 3 times.
Technological Ruby 2.0
Technological Ruby 2.0.png
Fiendish Extra security, all yours for the cheap price of..
  • Golem creates 2 laser rings around themselves.
    • The outer ring deals 10% damage.
    • The inner ring deals 25% Damage.
Leaky Rock
Leaky Rock.png
Common You're leaking...
  • Golem leaves a trail of stationary tears while he moves.
    • Damage scales with Golem's damage stat.
    • Frequency scales with Golem's tears stat.
Twin Tuffs
Twin Tuffs.png
Common Twin rewards
  • (25 + 2.5 × luck)% chance to turn pickups into their doubled equivalent.
  • (15 + 1.5 × luck)% chance to double room clear rewards.
Common Bubbly
  • Entering an uncleared room spawns friendly Bubble Medium.png Bubbles that drift around, deal damage to enemies, and block shots.
  • Taking damage spawns additional Bubbles.
Rare Rocky vitality
Ribbed Rock
Ribbed Rock.png
Common For her pleasure
Fiendish Amethyst
Fiendish Amethyst.png
Fiendish Fiends galore!
  • On entering an uncleared room, spawns four amethyst FiendishFriends.png Minion familiars.
  • Amethyst Minions disappear on room clear and will not drop a Heart.
Sturdy Rock
Sturdy Rock.png
Common Health on start
Brick Rock
Brick Rock.png
Common Throw it!
  • Firing tears throws the Brick Rock as a projectile that deals 15 damage and drops on the floor afterwards.
Sapphic Sapphire
Sapphic Sapphire.png
Common Stone butch blue
  • Female enemies will become charmed.
  • Chance to fire tears which slow enemies hit, and freeze them into ice statues on death.
Blood Diamond
Blood Diamond.png
Common Bleeding tears
Scented Rock
Scented Rock.png
Common Charm aura
  • Charms enemies in a small radius around Golem.
Arcade Rock
Arcade Rock.png
Common Glitchy slots
Tinted Heart
Tinted Heart.png
Common A soul deep within
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz.png
Common Projectile shield
  • Taking damage grants a temporary shield that blocks projectiles.
Rare Chilling aura
  • Enemies close to Golem are slowed, and freeze into ice statues on death.
Ramblin' Opal
Ramblin' Opal.png
Fiendish Crystal spores
  • Spawns friendly Shiitake.png Shiitake spores as time goes on, with a maximum of 3 out at a time.
Sand Dollar
Sand Dollar.png
Rare Cash in at the shop
  • Dropping the trinket in a Shop Pool Icon.png Shop exchanges it for 10-20 Penny.png Coin.
Henge Rock
Henge Rock.png
Fiendish Rock booster
  • Increases the power/effectiveness of every rock trinket Golem owns by 30%.
Salt Lamp
Salt Lamp.png
Rare Battery-powered aura
  • Repels close by enemies and projectiles, but slowly drains in power over time.
  • Can be recharged with Lil Battery.png Batteries.
Molten Slag
Molten Slag.png
Rare Smelting reroll
  • Occasionally burns nearby enemies.
  • When grinded, Smelter.png smelts Golem's other held trinket.
Thunder Egg
Thunder Egg.png
Rare Incubated nodule
  • -0.1 speed.
  • Each room has a chance for the Thunder Egg to crack open into another Rare or Fiendish rock trinket.
Common Easily weathered
  • Chance to fire a high-damage rock tear that inflicts confusion and shrinks in size and damage over time.
  • Turns into Pocket Sand Pocket Sand when taking explosive damage.
Fake Rock
Fake Rock.png
Common Never far from the lock
  • Drops a Key.png Key on pickup.
  • If there is a locked door, the first broken Rock.png Rock in the room drops a Key.
Citrine Pulp
Citrine Pulp.png
Common Short ranged juice
  • Small chance to fire a short-ranged splash of yellow tears.
  • When enemies are close, there is a small chance to create a puddle of yellow creep.
Rare Strength in pain
  • +0.2 temporary damage whenever an enemy dies.
  • +1 temporary damage when Golem takes damage.
Emetic Antimony
Emetic Antimony.png
Rare Timed puke
  • Periodically, the next tear Golem fires will be an Ipecac.png Ipecac projectile.
Double Rubble
Double Rubble.png
Rare Grind x2
  • Grinds into two Common or Rare rock trinkets.
Rock from an Abyss
Rock from an Abyss.png
Rare They feel doomed
  • Luck-based chance to apply doom to 3 random enemies at the start of the room.
Rare Fickle friend
Vessel Rock
Vessel Rock Half.png
Rare Rocky heart container
Constant Rock Shooter
Constant Rock Shooter.png
Rare Keep shooting!
  • +0.80 tears.
  • Golem never stops firing tears.
Robot Rock
Robot Rock.png
Rare Bwaaabwabwabwabwaaaaw
  • Creates 2 spinning rainbow lasers around Golem that inflict random Status Effects.
Rock Candy
Rock Candy.png
Rare Sugar crystals
  • Chance to fire crystal tears that charm enemies and deal 1.5× damage.
  • Enemies have a small chance to drop a sugar crystal on death that heals for a Half Red Heart.png Half Red Heart, but flickers and disappears after 2 seconds.
Rare Unlock bonus
  • +0.56 tears and +0.1 speed for the floor whenever Golem uses a Key.png Key.
Silver Tongue
Silver Tongue.png
Rare Cheaper grind
Meat Slab
Meat Slab.png
Rare The sweats!
  • Golem constantly sweats out arced tears.
  • Sweating rate increases based on the amount of empty RedUI.png Red Heart containers Golem has.
Sheep Rock
Sheep Rock.png
Rare Sleepy tears
  • Chance to fire a tear that decelerates and floats in place and inflicts drowsy to enemies.
Rebellion Rock
Rebellion Rock.png
Rare Overcome thine adversaries
  • When Golem takes damage, deals minor damage to all nearby enemies, knocks them back, and inflicts them with bruise.
Dad's Legendary Golden Rock
Dad's Legendary Golden Rock.png
Fiendish Finally, golden grind
  • Always a golden trinket!
  • When grinding, always grants a golden Rare or better rock trinket.
Rare Zzzz
  • 1/3 chance for a Bed to appear at the start of every floor.
Rare Restful sleep
Fetal Stone
Fetal Stone.png
Rare Prehistoric friend
  • Grants a rocky familiar that fires rock tears that have a chance to confuse enemies.
Focus Crystal
Focus Crystal.png
Common Deal bonus damage to nearby enemies
  • Increase damage to enemies within 2.5 tiles by 20% (+20% per stack).
Oddly Smooth Stone
Oddly Smooth Stone.png
Common Better hearts
  • Start each combat with 1 Dexterity.
    • Dexterity improves life gained from Red Heart.png Hearts.
Common Look to la luna
Common Sour stone
Carnal Carnelian
Carnal Carnelian.png
Common Close range bonus
  • Golem gains damage and speed depending on how close they are to enemies.
Rebar Rock
Rebar Rock.png
Common Reinforced red hearts
  • 25% chance for RedUI.png Red Heart damage to be blocked.
  • Red Heart damage is always reduced to half of a Heart.
Common The ceiling crumbles
  • Explosions cause rock projectiles that deal 2× Golem's damage to fall from the sky randomly.
  • Falling rock projectiles created by other enemies no longer harm Golem.
Cast Gem
Cast Gem.png
Rare Crystalline friend
  • Grants a homing Nyx Nyx gem that can be cast while attacking and sticks to enemies, dealing damage and inflicting Bruising.
  • Has special synergies with certain items.
Shard of Golgotha
Shard of Golgotha.png
Fiendish Chain thy enemy
  • Chains the enemy with the highest health at the start of every room (like Anima Sola.png Anima Sola), preventing them from moving and attacking for a few seconds.
Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz.png
Common On hit smokescreen
  • Confuses nearby enemies and grants a temporary speed boost upon taking damage.
Twinkling Rock
Twinkling Rock.png
Common Geode grind
  • Grinds into a Common or Rare geode.
Rock Cake
Rock Cake.png
Common Healing grinds
Common Krampus' knockoff
Common Directional weak spot
  • Enemies gain a random weak point.
  • When damaged from that direction, they take 50% more damage.
Rare Actives discharge
  • Using an active item shocks all nearby enemies.
  • Damage scales with charge amount and damage stat.
Pure Quartz
Pure Quartz.png
Rare Shield on complete soul heart loss
Rare Wait for delivery
  • The first Shop Pool Icon.png Shop purchase each floor is heavily discounted, but disappears when bought.
    • They are spawned at the start of the next floor.
Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire.png
Rare Movement detector
  • Grants a familiar that wobbily points towards the nearest enemy or projectile.
  • Blocks shots and deals contact damage.
Rare Spooky desecration
Sand Castle
Sand Castle.png
Common Fragile fortifications
  • Can block damage taken 3 times per floor before breaking down into Pocket Sand Pocket Sand.
Guarded Garnet
Guarded Garnet.png
Common Shield on damage
  • Chance for Golem to gain a shield on taking damage that lasts for a room and blocks one additional hit.
  • When blocked, knocks back enemies nearby.
Common Fragile luck
  • +4 luck.
  • When taking damage, lose 1 luck for the floor.
Gas Pocket
Gas Pocket.png
Common Noxious rocks
  • Rocks occasionally leak poison gas clouds.
  • When broken, rocks have a chance to spawn large clouds of gas.
Soap Stone
Soap Stone.png
Common Clean tears on room clear
  • Clears all projectiles on room clear and when taking damage.
  • When Isaac takes damage, spawns several friendly Bubble Medium.png Bubbles.
Spirit Urn
Spirit Urn.png
Common Wisps for dangerous encounters
Sun Shard
Sun Shard.png
Fiendish Your very own solar system
  • Grants a planet from SunIcon.png The Sun as an orbital which has special effects when blocking shots.
Steadfast Stone
Steadfast Stone.png
Rare Last ditch crushing
  • When taking lethal damage, prevents it and instead crushes a trinket that Golem is actively holding.
Insatiable Apatite
Insatiable Apatite.png
Fiendish Heart devourer
  • Golem gains temporary damage when picking up Red Heart.png Hearts.
  • When full on Hearts, can destroy them to gain double the damage.
  • Some Heart types have special effects.
Rai Stone
Rai Stone.png
Common Gift from Mammon
  • 15% chance for enemies to drop a Penny.png Penny on death that flickers and disappears after a short time.
Ore Penny
Ore Penny.png
Rare Wealth of Stone
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal.png
Common Speed down, tank up
  • -0.15 speed.
  • Grants damage that scales off of how slow Golem is.
  • Chance to block damage taken that scales with how slow Golem is.
Common Gross out pulse
Sulfur Crystal
Sulfur Crystal.png
Rare Periodic power
  • Grants Brimstone.png Brimstone at the start of every 4th room.
A Bit of Trollite
A Bit of Trollite.png
Extremely Rare Just a little
Common Throwing stones
  • Periodically tosses a rock tear at the nearest enemy in a short distance.
Common Random card effects!
  • Activates a random positive effect when using a TarotBack.png Card.
Magnetic Sand
Magnetic Sand.png
Common Tears up, magnetic tears
Power Rock
Power Rock.png
Rare Rubbled recharge
Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye.png
Rare Stony gaze
  • Spawns a Tiger's Eye familiar that bounces around the room, dealing contact damage and blocking shots.
  • Bounces directly towards the closest enemy when bouncing off a wall.
Smaller Rock
Smaller Rock.png
Common Find its kin
Nitro Crystal
Nitro Crystal.png
Rare Boosts from money
  • Picking up Penny.png Coins fuels Golem's nitro, giving them speed and tears while active.
Shard of Golem
Shard of Golem.png
Fiendish Golem's reward
  • Overhealing with Red Heart.png Red Hearts charges a special health bar.
  • Filling this health bar accumulates a damage boost, up to +1.8 damage for each heart filled.
  • Smelter.png Smelts itself once the bar is completely filled.
Rock Worm
Rock Worm.png
Common Unga bunga
  • +0.4 flat tears and +0.2 damage.
  • Grants a random Worm Trinket effect at the start of the floor, and for the duration of the floor.
Friendly Rapid Fire Opal
Friendly Rapid Fire Opal.png
Fiendish Fully-automatic, locked and loaded!
Common Line of sight
  • Entering and then breaking the line of sight from an enemy for the first time confuses them briefly.
Self-insert Replacement bonies
  • Randomly replaces enemies with Bony.png Bonies of equivalent health.
Lost Artifact
Lost Artifact.png
Fiendish Mew mew fairies
  • Upon clearing rooms, spawns a random amount of Fairy Fly familiars of different sizes.
  • Fairy Flies deal contact damage to enemies, and die after some time.
Atlas' Burden
Atlas' Burden.png
Fiendish Pass it to others
  • -0.4 speed.
  • Dealing damage to enemies has a chance to drop a boulder onto them, slowing them down and periodically doing heavy damage.
Pocket Rock-it
Pocket Rock-it.png
Fiendish Rock-et science
  • Chance to fire a rocket tear that homes in on enemies.
  • Rockets shoot low damage tears when close to enemies.
  • Rockets pop into a tear pattern on impact, depending on its color.
Wormhole Rock
Wormhole Rock.png
Fiendish Oh, wormhole?
  • Spawns two wormholes in random locations of the room.
  • Tears and projectiles that enter a portal will emerge from the other, aimed towards enemies and sometimes gaining additional effects.
  • The wormholes will occasionally burst into tears and change positions.
Ridiculous Metal
Ridiculous Metal.png
Fiendish Rhythmic rewards
  • Upon entering an uncleared room with enemies, prompts the player to play a rhythm minigame.
  • Firing tears with the correct timing (indicated by notes) will deal damage to all enemies in the room.
  • The damage per note increases for each consecutive note hit successfully.
Common Squirming within the stones
Homoerotic Ruby
Homoerotic Ruby.png
Rare Eternal flame, baby!
  • Female enemies periodically have a chance to become berserk.
  • Chance to fire flaming tears that burns enemies.
Gay Garnet
Gay Garnet.png
Unobtainable A conversation
Common A stoney of your own
Jesus Rock
Jesus Rock.png
Rare Back from the dead
  • Upon death, revives Golem in the current room with 6 Hearts in his health bar.
Chunk of Gallium
Chunk of Gallium.png
Common Slowing trails
  • 15% chance to fire a grey tear that leaves behind a trail of slowing creep.
Onion Rock
Onion Rock.png
Fiendish Throwable friends
  • Grants Brickmin familiars that can be aimed and launched while nearby.
  • There are 3 different Brickmin which have different effects and behaviors.
  • Brickmin will be gained every 3 rooms, to a cap of 4.
Knife Pebble
Knife Pebble.png
Common DMG up
Teardrop Pebble
Teardrop Pebble.png
Common Tears up
Arrow Pebble
Arrow Pebble.png
Common Range + Shotspeed up
Clover Pebble
Clover Pebble.png
Common Luck up
Shoe Pebble
Shoe Pebble.png
Common Speed up
Fruity Pebble
Fruity Pebble.png
Common All stats up
Common Grimace friend
  • Fires tears at nearby enemies.
  • Also works when dropped.
Vomit Grimlin
Vomit Grimlin.png
Rare Explosive friend
  • Fires arced Ipecac.png Ipecac projectiles at nearby enemies.
  • Also works when dropped.
Wetstone Grimlin
Wetstone Grimlin.png
Rare Bubbly friend
  • Passively spawns tiny friendly Bubble Medium.png Bubbles that drift around, deal damage and block shots.
  • Also spawns bubbles while dropped on the ground.
Constant Grimlin
Constant Grimlin.png
Common Directional friend
  • Constantly fires in a random direction.
  • Also works when dropped.
Broken Gaping Grimlin
Broken Gaping Grimlin.png
Rare Enemy sucker
  • Periodically begins sucking in all nearby enemies.
  • Also works when dropped.
Fiendish Brimstone friend
  • Periodically fires Brimstone.png Brimstone beams in a random direction.
  • Also works when dropped.
Cross Grimlin
Cross Grimlin.png
Rare Cross friend
  • Constantly fires in a +, then x pattern.
  • Also works when dropped.
Eye Grimlin
Eye Grimlin.png
Rare Laser friend
  • Constantly fires a rotating Technology.png Technology laser.
  • Also works when dropped.
Cauldron Grimlin
Cauldron Grimlin.png
Fiendish Duplicate friend
  • Periodically spawns a friendly copy of an enemy in the room.
  • Also works when dropped.
Gaping Grimlin
Gaping Grimlin.png
Common Pickup sucker
  • Constantly sucks in pickups.
  • Also works when dropped.
Rare Triple friend
  • Fires a triple shot at nearby enemies.
  • Also works when dropped.
Sensory Grimlin
Sensory Grimlin.png
Rare Sensational friend
  • Walking in a set direction causes the grimlin to fire in that direction.
  • Also works when dropped.
Name Icon Rarity Flavor Text Effect
Sack Fossil
Sack Fossil.png
Common More sacks, crush effect
  • 10% chance for random pickup drops to become a Sack Pickup.png Sack.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns a random Sack.
Coprolite Fossil
Coprolite Fossil.png
Common Fecal artifact, crush effect
  • Spawns a Blue Fly.png Blue Fly when entering a new uncleared room.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns 12 Blue Flies.
Beeter Fossil
Beeter Fossil.png
Rare Sweet honeyed amber, crush effect
  • Shoot a single weak tear whenever a tear is fired.
  • The angle of the tear increments with each previous tear fired.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns a friendly Beeter.png Beeter.
Fly Fossil
Fly Fossil.png
Rare Friend 'till the end, crush effect
GMO Fossil
GMO Fossil.png
Rare Pills from bosses, crush effect
  • Activates 2 random PillVanilla.png Pill effects after clearing a Boss Room.
  • Crush Effect: Activates 3 random pill effects.
Sword Fossil
Sword Fossil.png
Rare Small stats up, crush effect
  • All stats up.
  • Crush Effect: Smaller, permanent all stats up.
Fortune Worm Fossil
Fortune Worm Fossil.png
Rare The future from the past, crush effect
  • +0.2 shot speed.
  • +2 luck.
  • Luck-affected chance to fire fortune cookie tears which deal 1.05x damage and display fortunes on hit.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns an extra Soul Heart.png Soul Heart, and displays 3 random fortunes.
Primordial Fossil
Primordial Fossil.png
Rare Starter kit, crush effect
Rerolligan Fossil
Rerolligan Fossil.png
Rare Rerolling tears, crush effect
  • 10% chance affected by luck to fire dice tears that reroll enemies.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns a random Glass Dice.
Fossilized Fossil
Fossilized Fossil.png
Common Fossil duplicator, crush effect
  • Other fossils' crush effects activate twice.
  • Crush Effect: Activates the effect of another held fossil.
Fish Fossil
Fish Fossil.png
Common Wasteland king, crush effect
Runic Fossil
Runic Fossil.png
Common Brittle runes, crush effect
  • As Golem, normal trinket drops always reroll into Rune Left.png Runes.
  • Using Runes drops a Rune Shard.png Rune Shard.
  • Crush Effect: Drops 4 Rune Shards.
Canned Fossil
Canned Fossil.png
Common Power of beans, crush effect
Balanced Fossil
Balanced Fossil.png
Common Balanced room rewards, crush effect
  • 50% chance for the room clear reward to be replaced with either a Red Heart.png Red Heart, Penny.png Coin, Bomb.png Bomb or Key.png Key based on which type Golem has very little of.
  • Crush Effect: Grants 3 of Golem's lowest pickup.
Buried Fossil
Buried Fossil.png
Rare Look at what you dug up, crush effect
  • Each floor has a marked spot that can be bombed to spawn a fossil.
  • Crush Effect: Gives a random fossil.
  • Dirt Patch.png Dirt Patches can be bombed open.
Trippy Fossil
Trippy Fossil.png
Rare Huh whuh, crush effect
  • Chance to fire God's Flesh.png God's Flesh tears.
  • Crush Effect: Shrinks Golem's size.
Max's Fossil
Max's Fossil.png
Rare Dog howell, crush effect
Bomb Sack Fossil
Bomb Sack Fossil.png
Rare Rocky bombs, crush effect
  • Golem's Bomb.png Bombs create a ring of rock waves when they explode.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns 5 Bombs.
Death Cap Fossil
Death Cap Fossil.png
Rare It's still potent, crush effect
  • Stacking minor stats down on each room while held.
  • Crush Effect: All stats up proportional to amount of cleared rooms.
Explosive Fossil
Explosive Fossil.png
Rare More bombs, crush effect
  • Chance to drop an extra Bomb.png Bomb on room clear.
  • Increased chance for Rock.png Rock obstacles to be replaced with Bomb Rock.png Bomb Rocks.
  • Crush Effect: Creates a Mama Mega!.png Mama Mega! explosion in the next 3 uncleared rooms.
Colossal Fossil
Colossal Fossil.png
Rare Multiple effects when crushed
  • Doubles Golem's tear size.
  • Crush Effect: Activates 3 other random fossils' Crush Effects.
Skuzz Fossil
Skuzz Fossil.png
Rare Friend 'till the end, crush effect
Fossilized Blessing
Fossilized Blessing.png
Rare Gift of Eden, crush effect
Petrified Sock
Petrified Sock.png
Rare Hard as a rock, crush effect
Molten Fossil
Molten Fossil.png
Rare Smelted power, crush effect
  • Passively improves the effectiveness of Smelter.png Smelted rock trinkets.
  • Crush Effect: Grants a random Common rock trinket and smelts it onto Golem.
Value Fossil
Value Fossil.png
Common Discounts in store, crush effect
  • Shop Pool Icon.png Shop items are 1 cent cheaper.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns 3 Penny.png Pennies.
Coral Fossil
Coral Fossil.png
Common You feel drowned, crush effect
Necromantic Fossil
Necromantic Fossil.png
Rare Bring back the dead, crush effect
  • Chance to spawn a Book of the Dead.png Book of the Dead bone orbital when killing an enemy.
  • Crush Effect: Spawns a fossil that has been previously crushed this run.
Brain Fossil
Brain Fossil.png
Rare Early homing, crush effect
Refund Fossil
Refund Fossil.png
Fiendish Sand is free, crush effect
The Left Fossil
The Left Fossil.png
Common The fossil reaps dark rewards, crush effect
Thank-You Fossil
Thank-You Fossil.png
Common Bountiful beggars, crush effect
Hollow Fossil
Hollow Fossil.png
Fiendish Darkness is contained within, crush effect
Name Icon Rarity Flavor Text Effect
Curved Geode
Curved Geode.png
Common DMG up, geode bonus
  • +1 damage.
  • Geode Bonus: +0.5 extra damage if holding another geode.
Haunted Geode
Haunted Geode.png
Common Phantom shot, geode bonus
  • Chance to fire spectral and piercing tears, scales with luck.
  • Geode Bonus: Increased chance if holding another geode.
Health Geode
Health Geode.png
Common Second wind, geode bonus
Little Geode
Little Geode.png
Common Size down, geode bonus
  • Reduces Golem's size.
  • Geode Bonus: Extra size down if holding another geode.
Quick Geode
Quick Geode.png
Common Quick return, geode bonus
  • Sets speed to 1.75 in cleared rooms.
  • Geode Bonus: +0.10 speed if holding another geode.
Webby Geode
Webby Geode.png
Common Slowing shot, geode bonus
  • (20 + 2 × luck)% chance to fire a slowing tear.
  • Geode Bonus: When holding another geode, slowing tears leave large puddles of white creep if they hit an enemy.
Lucky Geode
Lucky Geode.png
Rare Luck up, geode bonus
  • +1 luck.
  • Geode Bonus: Bonus +2 luck if holding another geode.
Phlegmy Geode
Phlegmy Geode.png
Rare Booger shot, geode bonus
Lob Geode
Lob Geode.png
Common Lobbed shots, geode bonus
  • +1.00 range.
  • Tears are now shot in an arc.
  • Geode Bonus: +0.50 extra range if holding another geode.
Sodalite Geode
Sodalite Geode.png
Rare Sickly sweet enhydro, geode bonus
  • Luck-affected chance to shoot an Imp Soda Imp Soda critical tear that deals quintuple damage.
  • Geode Bonus: Increased chance if holding another geode.
Fiendish Perma-geode-bonus prescription
  • Permanent Geode Bonus when Smelter.png Smelted.
Warm Geode
Warm Geode.png
Common Warmth power, geode bonus
  • Damage and shot speed boost when near a Fire Place.png Fire Place.
  • Warm floors give a passive stat buff.
  • Geode Bonus: If holding another geode, tears also burn enemies when standing near a fire.
Chain Geode
Chain Geode.png
Common Chained rock demolition, geode bonus
  • Destroyed Rock.png Rocks have a 40% chance to break other adjacent rocks.
  • Geode Bonus: Adjacent rocks have a 70% chance to break, along with a 20% chance for pits to fill.
Rusty Geode
Rusty Geode.png
Common Losing luster, geode bonus
  • +8 damage that decays over time.
  • Geode Bonus: If holding another geode, damage bonus decays at a slower rate.
Fragmented Onyx Geode
Fragmented Onyx Geode.png
Rare Fearful tears, geode bonus
  • 10% chance to inflict fear.
  • Geode Bonus: If holding another geode, +5% to the chance, and enemies afflicted with fear take extra damage equal to the Devil Pool Icon.png Devil Deal chance.
Quantum Geode
Quantum Geode.png
Rare Entangled tears, geode bonus
  • Fire tears in a triple shot.
  • Once a tear hits an enemy, the rest vanish.
  • Geode Bonus: If holding another geode, rest of the tears vanish once two land.
Technological Geode
Technological Geode.png
Rare Technological influence, geode bonus
  • Fire a short-ranged Technology 2.png Technology 2 beam that deals 30% of Golem's damage.
  • Geode Bonus: If holding another geode, fire 2 parallel beams instead.
Rubber Geode
Rubber Geode.png
Common Rubbery tears, geode bonus
  • Chance to fire bouncing tennis balls that inflict bruising and deal additional knockback.
  • Geode Bonus: If holding another geode, increased chance to fire a tennis ball, as well as more knockback and shot speed.
Calzone Geode
Calzone Geode.png
Rare Maggot shot, geode bonus
  • Chance to fire a Chubber.png Chubber maggot projectile that boomerangs back towards Golem.
  • Geode Bonus: Increased chance if holding another geode.
Tough Geode
Tough Geode.png
Rare Crush resistant, geode bonus
  • Chance to not destroy a rock trinket upon crushing.
  • Geode Bonus: With another held geode, increases chances.
Tipsy Geode
Tipsy Geode.png
Rare On the rocks, geode bonus
  • +2 damage.
  • Golem's movement slowly shifts about randomly.
  • Geode Bonus: With another geode, increases damage and the amount of random movement.
Vinyl Geode
Rare Two sided buffs, geode bonus
  • Flips between two states depending on the current floor:
    • Flips to its A Side on even-numbered floors which increases damage and shot speed.
    • Flips to its B Side on odd-numbered floors which increases tears and speed.
  • Geode Bonus: With another geode, grants a smaller stat increase that is opposite of the current side.
Prismatic Geode
Prismatic Geode.png
Fiendish Prism power, geode bonus
  • Chance for enemies to drop Prism Shards on death that boost random stats based on their color for 10 seconds.
  • Chance to drop an extra shard on room clear.
  • Geode Bonus: Shard duration is increased by 5 seconds and doubled in potency if holding another geode.
Fractal Geode
Fractal Geode.png
Rare Don't look too deep, geode bonus
  • Chance to fire a spiraling tear that causes enemies to become drowsy.
  • Geode Bonus: With another held geode, higher odds and shot has a chance to immediately cause enemies to Sleep.
GMO Geode
GMO Geode.png
Fiendish Potent pills, geode bonus
  • Taking a PillVanilla.png Pill will also take a second random Pill.
  • Geode Bonus: Also take an additional positive Pill if holding two geodes.
Swallowed Geode
Swallowed Geode.png
Common Gulp, geode bonus
  • Spawn a Penny.png Penny when taking damage.
  • Geode Bonus: When holding another geode, gain a chance to spawn a Double Penny.png Double Penny.
Voodoo Geode
Voodoo Geode.png
Common Curses are power, geode bonus
  • +1.5 damage when a Curse is active on the floor.
  • +0.35 damage for the floor after entering a Curse Room.
  • Geode Bonus: Damage boost is increased by 50% when holding another geode.
Umbilical Geode
Umbilical Geode.png
Common Fetal protection, geode bonus
  • Chance to spawn a Gemini.png Gemini familiar when taking damage.
  • Gain a Little Steven.png Little Steven familiar for the room when entering with Half a Heart of Health or less.
  • Geode Bonus: With another geode, Gemini chances are improved and Little Steven can spawn at one Heart of Health or less.
Geode Fossil
Geode Fossil.png
Fiendish Best of both worlds, geode bonus + crush effect
  • +8 range.
  • Geode Bonus: +5 extra range if holding another geode.
  • Crush Effect: Gives a Common or Rare geode when crushed.
  • Crush Effect + Geode Bonus: Gives an additional Common or Rare geode when crushed, if holding another geode.
Name Icon Rarity Flavor Text Effect
Fool's Unobtainium
Fool's Unobtainium.png
Unobtainable Now find the real one!
  • Supposedly unobtainable, but can be acquired with Azurite Spindown Azurite Spindown or debug console commands.
Unobtainable How did you get this?
  • True to its name, this rock trinket cannot be obtained.
  • Gaining it through debug console commands will instantly remove it.
Dogrock Rock
Dogrock Rock.png
Unobtainable He likes you!
  • Slows enemies in a radius around the player.
  • Funny visuals and sounds.
  • Can't be obtained in a normal run.
Breakfast Fossil
Breakfast Fossil.png
Unobtainable HP up, crush effect
  • Crush Effect: HP up when crushed.
  • Only appears if the rock pool is empty.


When playing as Golem, most standard trinkets will be rerolled into another pickup as they spawn. However, some standard trinkets will not. These are:

Additionally, Petrified Poop is treated as a fossil, and will activate the A Card Against Humanity.png A Card Against Humanity effect when crushed.



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