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The stages are more alive than ever! From discovering prehistoric caves to exploring abandoned sewer plants, Fiend Folio adds new backdrops and changes to each floor to solidify their theme and feeling.

Chapter 1



BasementIcon.png Basement, as the most classic and the easiest floor in the game, didn't get as much attention as some other floors. But that doesn't mean it didn't get plenty of additions as well!

Fiend Folio's Basement is themed around flies, poop, and Isaac himself. See brand-new foes like Bumbler.png Bumbler and Dung.png Dung, and watch out for Slim.png Slim's fists and Slammer.png Slammers coming down from above!

A typical Basement room.



A familiar floor originating from Wrath of The Lamb, CellarIcon.png Cellar is bustling with more creepy crawlies than ever!

Careful around these new arachnid critters like Spooter.png Spooters and Sticky Sack.png Sticky Sacks! Not only that, seems like some of The Haunt.png The Haunt's ghostly relatives like Haunted.png Haunted and Shirk.png Shirk are lurking around! Spooky!

A typical Cellar room.

Honeyed Cellar

Cellar was always a spider-infested place. But what are those? Bees?

It seems like bees and wasps now call the Cellar home as well! Throughout your journey across this place, you may encounter some rooms whose walls are covered with honey and patches of honeycomb.

Bee-ware! These little insects like Hover.png Hover and Zingling.png Zingling want only one thing, and it's to stab you with their stingers!

An example of a Honeycomb variant of a Cellar room.

Burning Basement

Burning Basement.png

BurningBasementIcon.png Burning Basement is hotter than ever! With Fiend Folio, a new mechanic comes — Gunpowder!

Many enemies in Burning Basement leave flammable powder in a similar fashion to creep. The powder on its own is harmless, but as soon as it gets in contact with flames or an explosion, it gets really nasty!

You'll find a lot of new burning enemies as well, like Flamin.png Flamin and Woodburner.png Woodburner! Try not to get singed!

A typical Burning Basement room.

Smoky Basement

Smoky Basement.png

Some rooms are almost completely burnt down and have been covered in soot! Be prepared to find some smokin' hot foes like Fumegeist.png Fumegeist and his Mote.png Motes!

An example of a Smoky version of a Burning Basement room.

Chapter 1.5



DownpourIcon.png Downpour is now filled with more specters than ever before! Apparitions and Will-o'-the-wisps will assault Isaac as he tries to find that first Knife Piece...

A typical Downpour room.



DrossIcon.png Dross is a contender for one of the grossest floors you can visit! Wade through nasty sewer water as gaseous enemies and living poop assault all senses!

A typical Dross room.

Peepee Dross


Didn't get enough sewage before? Dross is up to its knees in both fecal matter, as well as a strange, yellow substance which numerous foes will use to their advantage!

A PeePee Dross room.

Chapter 2



The CavesIcon.png Caves are brimming with life! Prehistoric creatures, ancient Dwellers, malicious Mushrooms, batty Bats, and all other kinds of organisms and aberrations await.

A typical Caves room.

Primordial Caves

Primitive Caves.png

Some rooms look more ancient than most. If you take a closer look, you can spot some prehistoric drawings on the rocks and walls have some fossils in them!

An example of a Primitive variant of a Caves room.



If you thought the CatacombsIcon.png Catacombs were boring, not anymore! This floor received a completely new theme! It now contains many cryptid-based and outright strange enemies like Mothman.png Mothman, Matte.png Matte, and Sniffle.png Sniffle.

Catacombs also brings back a few of your favorite spiders and even the buzzing bees! Some enemies seem to be oddly appetizing as well…

A typical Catacombs room.

Flooded Caves

Flooded Caves.png

The FloodedCavesIcon.png Flooded Caves are even more flooded! Foes here aren't afraid to get a little wet, with some enemies like Madclaw.png Madclaw, Fishface.png Fishface, and Frog.png Frog diving beneath and out of the water to cause Isaac trouble!

Wading through these caves, you'll also find many enemies that fill the air with Bubble Medium.png Bubbles, like Wetstone.png Wetstone and LilyPad.png Lily Pads that have trouble supporting Isaac's weight and sink when stepped off of! Better hope Isaac knows how to swim…

A typical Flooded Caves room.

Chapter 2.5



Within the cavernous tunnels of the MinesIcon.png Mines, you will find a host of new foes — from the sizzling-hot Fuego.png Fuegos and Roasty.png Roasties and the volatile Blastcore.png Blastcores to their even worse big brother, Rufus.png Rufus!

But what's this? Some of your opponents seem to have harnessed the power of technology...!?

A typical Mines room.



With the constant smell of smoke permeating the parched, dusty air, this place feels like a wasteland… that is, when it isn't bustling with decrepit adversaries of all shapes and sizes! The AshpitIcon.png Ashpit badlands are only for the brave of heart!

A typical Ashpit room.

Chapter 3



The DepthsIcon.png Depths are haunted! Face the most terrifying ghosts like Gnawful.png Gnawful, Spook.png Spook, or Mistmonger.png Mistmonger, fight against the Scythe Rider.png Scythe Rider, and duel against the Squire.png Squire while exploring this ghoulish place!

And tread lightly, some foes are truly frightening...

A typical Depths room.



In NecropolisIcon.png Necropolis, skeletons rise from their graves! Are you brave enough to face monsters like the Possessed.png Possessed, Ribeye.png Ribeye, or Baro.png Baro in this city of the undead?

A typical Necropolis room.

Dank Depths

Dank Depths.png

Filthy, slimey, gooey, dark… many such words describe the DankDepthsIcon.png Dank Depths and the new grimy goons like Gunk.png Gunk, Gis.png Gis, and Gorger.png Gorger that stalk its sticky halls! Watch your step!

A typical Dank Depths room.

Pipe Depths

Pipe Depths.png

Some rooms appear to contain remains of old sewage systems, creating an industrial theme. Beware of the sludge-pumping pipes and those that dwell in them, like Grater.png Grater and Clogmo.png Clogmo!

An example of a Pipe variant of a Depths room.

Trashy Depths


Discarded items and trash litter the deepest pits of the Dank Depths. Some enemies such as Bunkter.png Bunkter and Litter Bug.png Litter Bug have even made their home there!

An example of a Trashy variant of a Dank Depths room.

Chapter 3.5



A sacred place defiled, occult magicks and undead horrors have made their home here. Battle against fanatic officiants, possessed tomes, vengeful spirits, gargantuan husks, and all kinds of psychic adversaries as you explore the once holy halls of the MausoleumIcon.png Mausoleum!

A typical Mausoleum room.

Alt Mausoleum


Back by popular demand! Antibirth's Teleporter Mausoleum design makes a triumphant return as a possible backdrop for several Mausoleum rooms!

An Alt Mausoleum room.



A terrifying house of torture, heresy, and entirely too much black leather, GehennaIcon.png Gehenna is bursting at the seams with untold numbers of cultists, demons, and just-plain-nasties out to end you once and for all! Can you make it through these blood-stained halls and live to tell the tale?

A typical Gehenna room.

Chapter 4



Return to the WombIcon.png Womb, a place where unborn fetuses, sentient flesh, and other disgusting creatures dwell…

A typical Womb room.



UteroIcon.png Utero is a truly bizarre and alien place where organs roam on their own! Brains and guts sliding about, Astroskull.png Astroskull and Minimoon.png Minimoons drifting aimlessly, Mobile Blood Cell.png Mobile Blood Cells on an endless march... And a heart's beat that echoes through the air...

A typical Utero room.

Eyeball Utero

Some of the walls in Utero have eyes! Mother is watching!

An example of a Eyeball variant of an Utero room.

Scarred Womb

Scarred Womb.png

The smell of blood hangs in the air… The ScarredWombIcon.png Scarred Womb is definitely not a safe place! Do not stop or the twisted and terrifying abominations of this domain will eat you alive!

A typical Scarred Womb room.

Chapter 4.5

Blue Womb

Blue Womb.png

BlueWombIcon.png Blue Womb also got a grim-up. This can be especially well seen when using the Blue Key.png Blue Key. Check out these fancy rocks!

A typical Blue Womb room.





A place that was once alive now only harbors all that is revolting, CorpseIcon.png Corpse is where the deceased and the rotting fester about...

Watch out for putrid foes such as the freaky Fingore.png Fingores or the withered Whale.png Whales, as they're only the first few tribulations Isaac must survive in the Corpse before facing off against Mother.png Mother!

One of 3 possible Corpse room backdrops.



Has the Corpse not been vile enough for you? Fear not (or perhaps, DO fear), because Morbus makes a debut as an alternate subtheme for Corpse in Fiend Folio: Reheated!

Morbus is a necrotic, festering place, home to that which should have never lived... or, perhaps, continued to live.

A Morbus room in-game.

Chapter 5



Tread carefully within the realm of Satan.png Satan himself, SheolIcon.png Sheol! Demons like Ms. Dominator.png Ms. Dominator and Psi Hunter.png Psi Hunter are at their most powerful here and will not hesitate to kill on sight!

A typical Sheol room.

Psionic Sheol

A new species has invaded Sheol! PsionIcon.png Psion and their lackeys have come from beyond the Void to cause chaos!

A Psionic Sheol room.



Virtuous angels, hypnotic watchers, and all that is holy; these are the inhabitants of CathedralIcon.png Cathedral. Prepare for a big fight if you're brave enough to enter their hallowed ground.

A typical Cathedral room.

Chapter 6

Dark Room

Dark Room.png

The DarkRoomIcon.png Dark Room is a desolate place where memories come to die. Prepare to meet monsters from all chapters, ready to put you six feet under!

A typical Dark Room room.

The Chest

The Chest.png

A place for everything that has been forgotten. Are you ready to fight your own nightmares? If yes, TheChestIcon.png The Chest awaits with its lid open.

A typical Chest room.


The Void

Although TheVoidIcon.png The Void is a fusion of all chapters, it also got some touchups! Rocks and pits are totally randomized and do not care about the backdrop!

An example of a randomized Void room.

Home & Ascent

Your past foes have grown stronger! Make the climb back up HomeIcon.png Home, but watch out; horrific monsters such as the Reaper.png Reapers and Missing Link.png Missing Links want to send you back down into your grave!

A typical Ascent room.

Special Rooms

Various Special Rooms in the game also got rehauled, giving them a completely new look!



Looks like Greed.png Greed has made some renovations! Shop Pool Icon.png Shops are now more shoppy!

A typical Shop.



Icon Arcade.png Arcades greet you with their new appearance! Gamble, play, and have fun!

A typical Arcade.

Challenge Room


Icon Challenge Room.png Challenge Rooms got a totally unique look! Feel like a champion and fight for your reward!

A typical Challenge Room.

Secret Room


Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms are more ominous than ever! Who knows what you might find this time?

A typical Secret Room.

Crawl Space


Crawl Spaces are more exciting than ever! Prepare for crazy puzzles, platform jumping, and unique enemies, all in the fantastic coat of one of seven different backdrops!

A typical Crawlspace.

Luscious Crawl Space

This version of the Crawl Space is overgrown with plants!

An example of a Luscious Crawlspace.

Ossuary Crawl Space

This version of the Crawl Space appears to be a mass grave. Bones and skulls are everywhere!

An example of an Ossuary Crawlspace.

Pipe Crawl Space

This version of the Crawl Space seems to be a part of an abandoned sewage system.

An example of a Pipe Crawlspace.

Creature Crawlspace

This version of the Crawl Space appears to be the insides of some massive creature. Expect to see Onlooker.png Onlookers and Spinning Blood Cell.png Spinning Blood Cells show up here!

An example of a Creature Crawlspace.

Fortress Crawlspace

This version of the Crawl Space appears to be some kind of castle or dungeon.

An example of a Fortress Crawlspace.

Insulation Crawlspace

This version of the Crawl Space looks like the dingy spaces inside of the walls of a home.

An example of an Insulation Crawlspace.

Dice Room

Dice Room.png

In Icon Dice Room.png Dice Rooms, everything is a dice! Rocks, pots, and even dice are made of dice!

A typical Dice Room.

D12 Dice Room

Fiend Folio: Reheated also adds a new blue variant of Dice Room, whose effect activates the D12.png D12 effect in each room for the entire floor!

A typical D12 Dice Room.



Icon IAmError.png I AM ERROR rooms, as their name suggests, are full of errors. Rocks are glitched and out of bounds!

A typical I AM ERROR Room.



Library Pool Icon.png Libraries are full of books; from learning How to Jump.png How to Jump to The Bible.png The Bible, all books can be encountered in these musty rooms! Now go read a book.

A typical Library.

Other Additions

Fiend Folio focuses on small things as well! Items like D12.png D12 are more enjoyable when playing with FF!


D12 Rocks.png

ED12 Rocks.png

A typical result of using the D12.

Peepee Dross Alt Rocks

With Reheated, a new alternate backdrop in Dross, known as Peepee Dross, can appear with pee-filled Bucket.png Buckets instead of poop!

When destroyed, they drop similar things as those of regular poop-filled buckets in Dross, but spawn Strider.png Striders and Small Leech.png Small Leeches instead of Drip.png Drips and the projectiles are yellow and leave harmful creep where they land.

Morbus Alt Rocks

With Reheated, Morbus rooms in Corpse have Teeth instead of the usual Polyp.png Polyps! These can hold some morbid surprises when cracked open!

When destroyed, a tooth in Morbus may spawn:

Chapter 6 Alt Rocks

Dark Room's gravestones and Chest's dolls can hide some spicy surprises! Watch out with those bombs!

When destroyed, a gravestone in Dark Room may spawn:

When destroyed, a doll in The Chest may spawn:


  • The Bomb Rock.png Bomb Rock texture for the Primitive Caves appears to have a small fossil resembling the mini-boss Wrath.png Wrath.
  • The Large 2x2 sized rocks found in Dice Rooms and created by The D12 and Eternal D12 Eternal D12 appear as monuments to the D100.png D100item.
  • One of the Fool's Gold Rock.png Fool's Gold Rock in Mausoleum resembles a golden statue prop found in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
    • Another Fool's Gold rock appears as the Dark Arts.png Dark Arts item stabbed into the rock.
  • The pillar textures in the Arcade appear as broken down game cabinets for Super Meat Boy and The End is Nigh, two games also made by Edmund McMillen.
  • The texture of the Library's Super Special Rock.png Super Special Rock after its been damaged shows a hammer-shaped hole in the pages, referencing The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Some Fool's Gold rocks in Trash Depths reference Bitcoin and a portrait of a Bored Ape, an infamous NFT.
  • Rocks in the Gehenna floor sometimes comprise of various torture devices; these include:
    • Wooden horse.
    • Judas cradle.
    • Stretcher table.
    • Iron Maiden.
    • Pillory.
  • Marked Skull.png Marked Skulls in most rock sprite sheets (besides Depths, Necropolis and Dank Depths) have special sprites and can be found in very rare rooms. Furthermore, some of these sprites are easter eggs in reference to specific developers of Fiend Folio. A full list and gallery can be found here.
  • Using Tarot Tower Reversed.png XVI - The Tower? has the rocks use their un-modded textures, but re-entering the room fixes this.