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Bridge Bombs is a passive item added in The Reheated Update.


  • +5 Bomb.png Bombs.
  • Isaac's bombs will fill in pits within their explosion radius, allowing them to be walked over.


  • Scatter Bombs.png Scatter Bombs: Miniature bomb explosions will also fill pits.
  • Mr. Mega.png Mr. Mega: With an increased explosion radius, bombs will fill in pits within a larger area.
  • Dr. Fetus.png Dr. Fetus / Epic Fetus.png Epic Fetus: Bombs/Missiles shot by Isaac will fill in pits with their explosions.
  • Bomber Boy.png Bomber Boy: The additional explosions created by Bomber Boy bombs are affected as well, effectively filling pits in a large + shape.
  • Best Friend.png Best Friend / Mr. Boom.png Mr. Boom: Is affected by Bridge Bombs, filling in pits as expected.
  • Bob's Rotten Head.png Bob's Rotten Head / Kamikaze!.png Kamikaze!: Explosions from these items do not fill in pits.
  • Giga Bomb.png Giga Bombs: Giga Bomb explosions are capable of filling in pits other than those created by their own explosions — however, this results in visual bugs and interference, as Giga Bombs can destroy ground that has been filled in, while some of these pits can be walked on despite not appearing to have been filled in and vice versa.

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