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Cetus is a passive item added in The Reheated Update.


  • Upon taking damage, Isaac will shoot a random barrage of small, arcing tears high upwards for 2 seconds from the blowhole on his head. Each tear will leave a small puddle of creep when it touches the floor that will deal Isaac's damage per tick to enemies standing in it.
    • The tears and creep will not inherit Isaac's tear effects or other tear modifiers.
    • The creep will linger for a random time between 2-6 seconds before disappearing.
    • If Isaac takes damage again while the blowhole is still spewing tears will add an additional 2 seconds to the remaining duration, extending the effect.


  • Dull Razor.png Dull Razor: Works as expected; the "fake" damage will activate Cetus' effect.


  • Cetus is a constellation, sometimes referred to as "the whale" in English. The Cetus was a Greek mythological sea monster that both Perseus and Heracles had to slay.
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