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Fiend Folio: Reheated features over 5 playable characters, including a "tainted" version of one of its characters and two unique "challenge" characters.

Disambig.png This page is about Characters added in Fiend Folio. More information about Characters in general can be found in the vanilla page.

Main Characters

These characters appear on the character select screen of the main menu of the game, and have a full suite of completion marks with achievements.

Tainted Characters

Tainted versions also exist of the main cast in Fiend Folio, and appear on the "other side" of the character select menu.

If Fiend Folio's achievements have been enabled, Fiend Folio's tainted characters require being unlocked first through using the Red Key.png Red Key on the hidden closet in HomeIcon.png Home as their respective counterpart. They also feature their own completion marks with unlocks.

Currently, only one tainted character has been implemented in the MOD.

Challenge Characters

These characters appear semi-exclusively in Fiend Folio's challenges. They do not appear on the character select menu by default, and do not have any associated unlockable achievements, outside of said challenges.

Secret Characters

Fiend Folio: Reheated features 3 secret characters that are hidden by default, and can only be enabled by editing the players.xml file in the Fiend Folio MOD's folder.

Regular Characters FiendCoopIcon.png Fiend - GolemCoopIcon.png Golem
Tainted Characters BastardCoopIcon.png The Bastard
Challenge Characters ChinaCoopIcon.png China - SlippyCoopIcon.png Slippy
Secret Characters FientCoopIcon.png Fient - FendCoopIcon.png Fend - PeatCoopIcon.png Peat