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Achievements are an optional mechanic added in Fiend Folio: Reheated that are obtained by completing challenges, gaining completion marks as certain characters, or meeting some other requirements, similarly to achievements in vanilla The Binding of Isaac. Some content like collectibles, trinkets, pickups and a tainted character will be locked behind these achievements, and need to be completed in order to encounter and use in runs.

Upon first starting up a run once Fiend Folio: Reheated is installed, a notification will pop up on screen, which will ask the player to choose between having unlocks be enabled or disabled: When enabled, these achievements can be obtained, and their respective content cannot be encountered until those achievements are completed; When disabled, content will not be locked behind achievements and completion marks, and can all be encountered normally in runs.

The player can go into the "Dead Sea Scrolls" menu (by pressing C or F1 on keyboard by default) and go to Fiend Folio > Unlocks > Unlocks Manager page and change this option at any time. They may also be able to change specific achievements to be locked/unlocked through the menu, without having to complete the required goal. In addition, the Fiend Folio > Unlocks > Achievements page can be used to see all the player's achievements, and will include hints for how to obtain each one.

There are currently 83 total unlocks in Fiend Folio: Reheated, with 36 needing to be unlocked through character completion marks, 10 needing to be unlocked from the MOD's challenges, and the other 37 being achievements that are unlocked through meeting certain requirements.

Disambig.png This page is about Achievements added in Fiend Folio. More information about Achievements in general can be found in the vanilla page.

All Achievements

Character Completion Marks


Icon Name Unlock Method
Immoral Hearts Immoral Hearts
Lil Fiend Lil Fiend
Imp Soda Imp Soda
Heart of China Heart of China
Fiend Mix Fiend Mix
Prank Cookie Prank Cookie
Pyromancy Pyromancy
GMO Corn GMO Corn
+3 Fireballs +3 Fireballs
Fiend's Horn Fiend's Horn
The Devil's Harvest The Devil's Harvest
Fetal Fiend Fetal Fiend
Cool Sunglasses Cool Sunglasses
Jack Cards Jack Cards
The Fiend Folio The Fiend Folio
  • Get every Hard Mode completion mark as FiendCoopIcon.png Fiend
The Bastard The Bastard


Icon Name Unlock Method
Pet Rock Pet Rock
Golem's Rock Golem's Rock
Golem's Orb Golem's Orb
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb
Bridge Bombs Bridge Bombs
Massive Amethyst Massive Amethyst
Solemn Vow Solemn Vow
Dice Goblin Dice Goblin
Perfectly Generic Object Perfectly Generic Object
Eternal D12 Eternal D12
Astropulvis Astropulvis
Molten Penny Molten Penny
Nyx Nyx
Snow Globe Snow Globe
  • Get every Hard Mode completion mark as GolemCoopIcon.png Golem

The Bastard

Icon Name Unlock Method
Chunk of Tar Chunk of Tar
+3 Fireballs? +3 Fireballs?
Soul of Fiend Soul of Fiend
Golden Slot Machine Golden Slot Machine
Malice Malice
Hatred Hatred
Modern Ouroboros Modern Ouroboros


Icon Name Unlock Method
Slippy's Organs Slippy's Organs
Deimos Deimos
Lawn Darts Lawn Darts
China's Belongings China's Belongings
Community Achievement Community Achievement
Brick Separator Brick Separator
Green House Green House
Petrified Gel Petrified Gel
Spare Ribs Spare Ribs
Grabber's Enemy Grabber's Enemy

Other Achievements

Icon Name Unlock Method
Fiendish Foes Fiendish Foes
Purple Putty Purple Putty
>3 >3
Devilled Egg Devilled Egg
Skip Card Skip Card
Zodiac Beggar Zodiac Beggar
Fraudulent Fungus Fraudulent Fungus
Evil Sticker Evil Sticker
Golden Cursed Penny Golden Cursed Penny
Black Lantern Black Lantern
Risk's Reward Risk's Reward
Flea of Meltdown Flea of Meltdown
Flea of Deluge Flea of Deluge
Flea of Pollution Flea of Pollution
Flea of Propaganda Flea of Propaganda
Flea Circus Flea Circus
Evil Beggar Evil Beggar
Soul of Random Soul of Random
Mern Mern
Bifurcated Stars Bifurcated Stars
The Deluxe The Deluxe
  • Unlock every type of Heart
Queen of Clubs Queen of Clubs
13 of Stars 13 of Stars
  • Chance to unlock when using a new TMTRAINER.png TMTRAINER corrupted active item
Kings of the Minor Arcana Kings of the Minor Arcana
King of Diamonds King of Diamonds
Plague of Decay Plague of Decay
Imp-Losion Imp-Losion
Soul of Golem Soul of Golem
Golden Reward Plate Golden Reward Plate
Glass Chest Glass Chest
Haunted Penny Haunted Penny
Shard of China Shard of China
Dire Chest Dire Chest
52 Deck 52 Deck
  • Trounce the dealer at a PokerTable.png Poker Table 3 times and make him RAGEQUIT!
The Right Hand The Right Hand
Morbus Morbus
Morbid Heart Morbid Heart
Too Many Options! Too Many Options!
Tokens Tokens
Vending Machine Vending Machine

Prerequisite Unlocks

The following content does not have any Fiend Folio achievements tied to them, but still require one of the following achievements from the vanilla game to be obtained in order to encounter them:

Icon Name Unlock Method
Azurite Spindown Azurite Spindown
Loaded D6 Loaded D6
Dad's Legendary Golden Rock Dad's Legendary Golden Rock
Buried Fossil Buried Fossil