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Chests are objects that can be opened by bumping into them, and contain a wide variety of rewards depending on their type.

Fiend Folio adds 3 new kinds of chests to the game.

Disambig.png This page is about Chests added in Fiend Folio. More information about Chests in general can be found in the vanilla page.

Shop Chest

Shop Chests are a variant of Locked Chest.png Locked Chest added in Fiend Folio. Shop Chests typically appear in Shop Pool Icon.png Shops, Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms and Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms, but can also have a small chance to replace normal Brown Chest.png Chests, or spawned through use of the Store Whistle Store Whistle.

Opening a Shop Chest requires a key. When opened, a Shop Chest will turn into a portable shop with a small Shopkeeper.png Shopkeeper that will have 1-5 random items/pickups for sale around itself.

Purchasing all items from the portable shop's stock will cause the Shopkeeper to disappear, with a 70% chance to leave a random pickup behind. Killing the Shop Chest's Shopkeeper with an explosion will have the usual drops of regular Shopkeepers, such as increasing the Devil Room chance for the current floor by 10% as well as a chance to drop 2 coins or spawn two Spider.png Spiders.

  • If the Shopkeeper is killed, the items of the shop's stock will remain and will still require money to purchase.

Collectibles in the portable shop's stock are drawn from the item pool of the current room, which includes Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms, Boss Pool Icon.png Boss Rooms, Shop Pool Icon.png Shops, Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms, Library Pool Icon.png Libraries, Curse Pool Icon.png Curse Rooms, Angel Pool Icon.png Angel Rooms, Devil Pool Icon.png Devil Rooms, Planetarium Pool Icon.png Planetariums, and Ultra Secret Pool Icon.png Ultra Secret Rooms.

  • Spawning a portable shop in regular rooms will draw from the Treasure Room item pool by default.
  • When spawned in a Devil Pool Icon.png Devil Room, the portable shop will always contain a single collectible item which can be purchased with RedUI.png Red Heart containers or SoulUI.png Soul Hearts, with the same rules as Devil Deals.
  • When spawned in a Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Room or Icon Super Secret Room.png Super Secret Room, items for sale will have randomized prices.
  • Spawning a portable shop in a Black Market will spawn a single collectible drawn from the Shop pool that costs Red Heart containers or Soul Hearts.
  • If Isaac has Chaos.png Chaos, collectibles in the portable shop's stock will be drawn from a random pool, as expected.

Glass Chest

Glass Chests are a new variant of Locked Chest.png Locked Chest added in Fiend Folio: Reheated. They require a key to open like regular Locked Chests, but the contents of Glass Chests are visible inside before they are opened, as if Isaac had Guppy's Eye.png Guppy's Eye. If a Glass Chest is caught in an explosion, it will shatter and its contents will be lost as a result.

Glass Chests can appear anywhere, having a chance to replace normal Brown Chest.png Chests, but may be more commonly found in special rooms such as Treasure Pool Icon.png Treasure Rooms, Secret Pool Icon.png Secret Rooms, and Planetarium Pool Icon.png Planetariums.

The possible rewards inside of Glass Chests most often include a random assortment of pickups such as hearts, coins, bombs, and keys. However, Glass Chests can also include Glass Dice or runes instead of cards or pills, or they may contain a glass-themed item or trinket from the Glass Chest Pool Icon.png Glass Chest item pool.

Loot Table
Reward Chance
3 random pickups 29.4%
4 random pickups 24.5%
2 random pickups 19.6%
A Glass Die 14.7%
A rune or Soul Stone 9.8%
An item or trinket from the Glass Chest item pool 2.0%

Dire Chest

Dire Chests are a new variant of chests added in Fiend Folio: Reheated. They act similarly to Eternal Chest.png Eternal Chests, as they can be opened multiple times. Unlike Eternal Chests, however, Dire Chests do not require a Key.png Key to open.

A Dire Chest has a chance to contain the following loot. After dropping one of these rewards, the chest will close itself and may be opened again afterwards:

Loot Table
Reward Chance
2 Blue Skuzz.png Blue Skuzzes 16.67%
2 Skuzz.png Skuzzes 16.67%
1-3 Cursed Penny FF.png Cursed Pennies 16.67%
1 Spicy Key.png Spicy Key 8.33%
A random Fiend Folio card 8.33%
1 ImmoralHeart.png Immoral Heart 8.33%
3 Blot.png Blots 8.33%
1 CopperBomb.png Copper Bomb 8.33%
A RulesCard.png Rules Card 4.17%
Produce a random fortune 4.17%

Every time a Dire Chest is opened, it increments an internal counter by 1. If a random number between 0-10 is lower than or equal to this counter, the contents of the chest are replaced with a final reward, which will either be a:

  • 80% chance to explode, with an additional 25% chance to activate A Card Against Humanity.png A Card Against Humanity effect, filling all available spaces in the room with Poop.png Poop.
  • 20% chance to spawn an item or trinket from the Dire Chest Pool Icon.png Dire Chest item pool. When paying out with a collectible/trinket, it's a 1/3 chance for a collectible, and a 2/3 chance to be a trinket.

After a Dire Chest has dropped its final reward, it can no longer be opened again.


  • Pay to Play.png Pay to Play will cause Shop Chests and Glass Chests to require 1 coin to open instead of a key.
  • Paper Clip.png Paper Clip will allow Shop Chests and Glass Chests to be opened without using a key.
  • Due to an oversight, the Sharp Key.png Sharp Key is unable to open Shop Chests or Glass Chests with its projectile. This may be fixed in a future update.

Unlock Conditions

Making a Dire Chest

Fiend Folio adds a secret method to convert Red Chests into Dire Chests:

  • While in a Curse Pool Icon.png Curse Room containing a Red Chest.png Red Chest, the player must take damage from the Curse Room door's spikes.
  • Starting at 1/128, the chance to convert a Red Chest doubles every time the player takes damage.
  • Once a Red Chest converts, the conversion chance is lowered back down to 1/128. Successfully converting a Red Chest into a Dire Chest officially unlocks the Dire Chest pickup, allowing it to appear in runs.
  • Until Dire Chests are unlocked, roughly 1/3 of fortunes shown to the player will provide hints towards this conversion method.

Alternatively, creating The Middle Hand The Middle Hand through combining the The Left Hand.png The Left Hand and The Right Hand The Right Hand will also unlock Dire Chests.


  • Shop Chests were originally a part of the Happy Items Pack mod.
  • If a Glass Chest is exposed to The Siren.png The Siren's scream attack, it will shatter.
  • If Isaac steps over a shattered Glass Chest, and does not have immunity to Spikes.png Spikes (such as from Callus.png Callus), he will leave behind a trail of blood for a brief moment. This is a purely cosmetic effect, however, and Isaac will not be hurt or lose health.
  • For the most part, the Dire Chest Item Pools follow a set of themes:
    • The item pool contains items that relate to members of the Imp Gang, such as FiendCoopIcon.png Fiend, ChinaCoopIcon.png China and BastardCoopIcon.png The Bastard, risk-reward items, items that grant ImmoralHeart.png Immoral Hearts, or are simply "colored purple".
    • The trinkets in the pool follows the same themes as the collectibles, but also adds two Deltarune related trinkets, Apocalypse Flea trinkets, and all of Fiend Folio's penny trinkets.